Yate Supplies confirms replication of H&C EXPO theme

Just as the hospitality and catering industry is diverse in terms of the businesses that operate within it, so are the requirements of people within those businesses. H&C EXPO comprises many different events taking place over three days at the Celtic Manor Resort 16 -18 July 2018. An event providing something for everyone and specifically what they choose.

H&C EXPO launch attracts guests from all over the UK

When H&C EXPO was launched earlier this year in July one of the guests after the launch left to see one of his product distributors, Yate Supplies. Head of Sales, Colin Massie was more than intrigued by what he heard and contacted H&C EXPO to learn more.

Following a number of meetings between Yate Supplies and H&C EXPO, we are now delighted to announce that Yate Supplies have confirmed their own taking part in H&C EXPO as well as several of their supplier partners. One of whom of course is the guest referred to at the launch.

The range of different elements to the overall H&C EXPO event will be replicated in product terms by Yate Supplies and their many partners, each having their own exhibitor stand as well as Yate Supplies. Providing something for everyone and specifically what they choose.

Colin Massie, Head of Sales, Yate Supplies

Colin Massie, Head of Sales, Yate Supplies told us about some of his reasoning:

“Yate Supplies are pleased to confirm our being part of H&C Expo and we have selected this event for many reasons.

H&C EXPO is a new event taking place at a different time of year to the usual cluster of hospitality events.

It is also offering a fresh perspective and a new approach, which fits perfectly with our own innovative and bespoke approach to customers: one of whom is Celtic Manor and fitting that we should support them as they launch this new event in readiness for their own new convention centre.

By partnering with some of our key suppliers, Yate Supplies will be show casing the breadth of products we stock, from table and glassware, cookware, janitorial & hygiene products and presenting examples of the wide range of bespoke packaging we provide for many well-known high street hospitality brands as well as independent food outlets, keen to stamp their own image on their out of home solutions.”

Mark Harris, Event Director, H&C EXPO said:

We are absolutely delighted to be working with Colin and the team at Yate Supplies as well as their supplier partners.

Offering a real depth of options to visitors to H&C EXPO is central to our plans. Yate Supplies help us significantly to do this even more effectively. Table and glassware, cookware, janitorial & hygiene products, as well as a wide range of bespoke packaging are all essential items in any hospitality and catering outlet.

If you are interested in taking part in H&C EXPO 2018 please contact:

Denis Sheehan:

02921 674271


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