Why One Should Opt For Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?


We all know Lean Six Sigma Belt level certifications have six classified rankings defining different certifications and gradations. Green Belt certification comes third in the order. Today, we will help you find out the gains of doing Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and why you should go for doing one.

  1. Prominent Posts: 

First of all, Green Belt certified scholars have regular jobs. They are credited with 20% of overall duties to Lean Six Sigma projects. And, from this certification one can get the professionals posts like Financial Manager, Healthcare Administration, Project Manager, etc. Green Belts usually lead the Yellows in the projects.

  1. Building of Skills: 

EZsigma green belt certification is not just about getting certificates. It teaches you and makes you learn something. It makes you a master of problem-solving, be it a problem of any kind of project. It teaches you business acumen skills and the ability to analyze and give a result. So, the certification, throughout the process makes you a skilled person. This is pointedly significant.

  1. The Lesson of Identifying Problems:

This is a significant specialty of Sigma Green Belt certification. It helps you to find out the root cause of a problem. And, then shows a way out for preventing recurrences in the near future. So be it for your own company or be it for your own learning, this is an important skill to gain.

  1. Way Forward To Leadership:

It makes you learn about process improvement, data analysis, and project management skills. And, a skilled scholar is always the first choice for leadership. It prepares you for leadership roles as a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

  1. High Pay Scale: 

It does make you a specialist in process improvement and enhances your career’s standard and credibility. And, the pay scale of a Green Belt scholar is really high. A Green Belt Scholar can earn an average remuneration of $95 k per year compared to those without certification who earn just $65k a year.

There are many more benefits that you can get out of Six Sigma Green Belt certification. The benefit is both for the company and for you. Green Belt is the best point of starting you can have. After that, you can go for Black Belt and Master Black Belt certifications. You just need to come forward and make yourself into it. There is no deprivation, anyway.