What Your Document Management System Should Have

A document management system should help you manage your document storage, back up, access, etc. The system should be able to cope with the fast-evolving pace of technology and the digital world. To help you decide which service provider to choose when consulting for their management system, they should have almost all of these characteristics:

  1. Searching Apps Or Tools

Saving files into a digital archive can help save it from being lost due to natural calamities but losing documents due to misplacement and mislabelling can be a bigger problem. Your document management system should provide you with a tool or an application that can help you search through all your documents from any folder and any device quickly. The searching tool should be able to search through folders and extend to the words written in the documents. If ever you mislabel a file, you can still recover it by recalling what’s written inside. You can consult with document workflow optimisation from Green Office Partner to help you with matters regarding your employees’ performance that relates to documents within the office or business. This helps boost the efficiency of employees.

  1. File Labeling

Accidentally overwriting files can be harder to recover. Your document management system should help you with labeling and creating versions of documents. With this, you can keep and edit the file at the same time without losing the old or new version. It can also help restore and recover documents later on.

  1. Mobile And Offline Ready

Accessing all your office documents while you’re working at home or anywhere else can be a big help to employees on leave or is on work travel. You can access files through a cloud that grants access to people with the passcodes and internet connection. You can also download the files to read offline. This is called the Xerox DocuShare Flex from Green Office Partner that gives unrestricted access to the cloud users and members.

  1. File Access Restriction

Large businesses or offices have a lot of employees and keep a lot of documents. Some of these documents are sensitive files and are for high-level authorization only. With a file access restriction, you can keep sensitive files on the cloud without worrying that everyone can access it. You can have restriction codes or access codes installed so that only the employees with the passcodes can open the documents. It helps control who can and can not view certain files and track who, where, and when these files were accessed.

  1. File-Sharing Security

Sending and receiving documents should be easy for employees, but maintaining file security and avoiding third parties from gaining access to these files should also be a part of your document management system. You should have a safe and secure sharing portal to send, receive files easily.

  1. Collaborations

Your business may have adapted a working system, relying on existing software for so long or send and receive files from clients through certain sharing portals. This shouldn’t affect your document management system; in fact, it should adjust with it. Consult Green Office Partner for more ideas on how your document management system can effectively work.

Final Word

If you’re choosing from a variety of companies that can help you with your document management system, make sure that they have almost all of the characteristics mentioned above. A company that has almost all of the characteristics is the most likely to have an efficient management system and can work effectively.

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