What to Do When Employees Fight


Employees engaging in the fight are a common scene at workplaces. In such a case, the employer is required to intervene quickly to diffuse the situation. Let us see the right ways in which you can deal with the situation in a reasonable and calm manner.

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Take them in a personal area

Fighting in public will bring a bad name to the public. It is important to take the employees involved in fights in a private zone. This will help in solving the issues without any interruption.

Don’t tolerate any abusive behavior

Tell your employees that they should maintain the decorum. No matter how much worse the situation is, they should not indulge in put-downs, or name-calling as it won’t be tolerated. Also, you will need to make it clear to them that the fighting should be stopped at any cost and won’t be tolerated under any circumstances.

Get an individual talk with each employee

Before you retort to the situation and form your decision it is required that you think before you respond. To gain clarity about the issue, it is important that you talk to each of the employees on one to one level. Privately hear their side of the story. It will also help them reduce their anger.

Form a strategy to resolve the issue

After you understand each other’s situations, you now need to form the strategy to resolve the conflict. You can get the resolutions to end the fight and then form an effective plan that would result in an amicable settlement of the issue.


Fight between employees in the workplace looks very unprofessional. It may earn a bad reputation for your business. These tips will definitely help your business to deal effectively in such a situation.