What Should You Keep in Mind While Repairing PCB?


For mid-size EMS carriers, costs of rework can build up quickly. By some price quotes, remodel alone could cause tens of hundreds of bucks in yearly losses. These prices aren’t as high as completely ditching a board, which can be virtually triple the annual costs of fixing. In regards to cost, the inquiry of whether to fix or junk is relatively straightforward: It’s often worth it to repair.

Complicated, high-density PCB settings are just too expensive in worth to be junked. Even smaller boards with fewer components need to be fixed as a result of the tight production runs of Just-In-Time production criteria. Ideally, a seasoned EMS company will have strong processes in place, to make sure that solder issues, wrong parts, and opens, as well as shorts, can be caught beforehand. However, problems are unpreventable, specifically on complicated, multi-layer assemblies with an ever-increasing quantity of SMT elements.

Other Factors to Give a Thought About

Nonetheless, there are various other variables to think about in addition to cost when asking for PCB repair services. If a board that costs $1,000 calls for 8 hours of repair service, as well as your store rate,  is $100/hour, should you fix or scrap? Monetarily speaking, this is a piece of cake: fix the board for $800. However, what if the repair work is unsuccessful? You’re now facing the price of rework plus the expense of producing a completely new board. Simply put, examine the risk elements related to rework.

It’s likewise a great concept to examine your procedures. How well defined is your repair service operation? Have you needed to make this repair work before? How seasoned is your staff? Is there an existence of metrics on your repairs? Each of these questions can aid to fine-tune your rework processes and make it less complicated to determine when to scrap or fix.

Finally, lots of EMS and CMs suppliers have a material testimonial board or MRB, which is made up of procurers, high-quality engineers, and production engineers who determine what to do with wrong elements, malfunctioning materials, or harmed items. Nowadays, MRB is facilitated with software, which leans down the MRP right into a job oriented procedure.