What is Hot Tub Filter and Why is It Used?


An efficient Jacuzzi purification system forms the basis of easy hot tub water monitoring.

The job of a hot tub filter is to capture debris and dirt from the Jacuzzi water. It aids to maintain the Jacuzzi water safe and welcoming to utilize.

As a result of this, the filter can gather dust. If the filer is not cleaned, it can get blocked. This can cause inefficient filtration, as well as if left for a lengthy time, can create a flow fault, which can harm the heating unit or other hot tub elements.

How to get open the hot tub filter cartridge?

How you get open the filter cartridge will depend upon what type of filtering the Jacuzzi has.

For pressurized purification systems:

  • Transform the power off at the Isolator or the MCB in your home. The system is pressurized; do not remove the filter while the power is still on.
  • Loosen up the air safety valve, as well as loosen the locking ring.
  • Draw the filter cover straight up to eliminate. Do not pull or twist at an angle, as this could cause damages.
  • Get rid of the filter from the Canister.

For non-pressurized systems/skim filtration:

  • Transform the power off at the Isolator or the MCB in your house.
  • The filter’s lid/basket should be removed if there is one.
  • Get rid of the filter. You might need to turn it off if there is a thread on the filter

How typically should you cleanse your hot tub filter?

Cleansing your Jacuzzi filter ought to be done routinely to help prevent dirt and keep your hot tub water tidy.

We would advise a fast tidy, every week; although, genuinely we understand this will probably occur on a less routine basis.

And do a chemical soak clean regular monthly.