What Are The Customs Duty or Taxes Are Imposed on Imported Goods By Mail in Canada?


Any material or item brought into Canada particularly when mailed is subject to Goods and Services Tax or in short form GST or/and duty. You have to pay 5% GST on your imported material unless you are tax exempted. The Canada Border Services Agency or popularly known as CBSA calculates the duties on your imported material based on the value of the item as per Canadian funds. The price or the rates of the duty depends upon the type or category of the material and on the country where it is manufactured and from where it is imported. Besides GST, you may have to pay some other types taxes like excise taxes or excise duties particularly if your material falls under the luxury item. Get associated with Clearit customs consulting to avail all necessary information and assistance while importing your goods by mail.

If the value of your imported goods is less than Can$ 20, you are not required to pay the GST on your imported goods. Similarly, if the imported goods are gifts from your relatives or family members living abroad and the worth of the gift is Can$ 60 or less than Can$ 60, you need not pay the GST on the imported gifts.

The government of Canada has entered into duty and taxes-related agreements, with specific provinces. As per these agreements the provinces can collect 13% HST on your imported goods. You are no more required to pay the GST when you pay the HST. You need to pay the HST if you live in one of the participating provinces which have entered into the agreement. Similarly, the taxes on tobacco or PST varies from province to province. You can get the details of PST in Memorandum D2-3-6 at  Appendix A in Non-commercial Provincial Tax Collection Program.

You are supposed to pay the GST as well as PST or Provincial Sales Tax if you live in the provinces of British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The HST is levied if you live in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Labrador and Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and Ontario. If you live in Alberta, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon you will have to pay the GST only. However, besides these GST, PST and HST on your mailed imported goods, you may have to also pay other province-related taxes depending on the type of the material you are importing.