UK Hoteliers capitalise on unmanaged bookings gap

In a world where 85% of all guests check and compare online reviews before booking a hotel and almost 90% of online reviews are left unchecked and unmanaged, there is a huge opportunity for hoteliers to capitalise on this gap.

There is an even bigger gap in the ratio of the 67% of customers who use social media to seek resolutions to issues and the lack of responses received.

The gap in communications referred to above is in offline terms like not picking up the reception desk phone when it rings.

We are all very busy in 2018, human resources are stretched to the limit and the people and skills shortages across the hospitality industry now face the additional looming ramifications of Brexit.

If a hotel was unable to have a member of the team looking after answering the reception phone it would be an obvious quick fix to secure more bookings. Not quite as obvious as an unanswered phone is an unanswered review, but these are what bring more people to the same reception area of hotels. They are also far greater in number than incoming calls.

The business benefits of managing reviews and appearing higher in searches is revenue, more of it and more frequently.

Episentr puts your customers at the forefront of your business by managing and measuring all of your hotel’s reviews. Episentr puts all of your social media customer channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram together with complete visibility and control all in one place.

Fresh from Product testing in the US and built from specific hotelier feedback (including Hampton by Hilton), Episentr has been praised as the first software of its kind. A platform that can save thousands of dollars a month helping to realise revenue that may otherwise have been lost due to the impact of neglected negative reviews.

Episentr allows hotels to maximize the potential of its most valuable resource; a reputation that surpasses their closest competitors on the market.

The Five Star Celtic Manor Resort in Wales

Episentr is now launching in the UK at H&C EXPO being held next month at the Five Star Celtic Manor Resort in Wales.

The Celtic Manor is a fitting location in many ways to launch a new software solution for hoteliers, not least that Episentr is a Welsh product, developed in Wales by Welsh software engineers.

Leon James, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Episentr set out why the Celtic Manor and why H&C EXPO saying: “I led the development of Episentr with a dedicated team of software engineers here in Cardiff, Wales.

“Working in technology I have always been inspired by Sir Terry Matthews, Wales’ first billionaire who founded and/or funded over one hundred technology companies most notably Mitel and Newbridge Networks. Sir Terry Matthews also owns the Celtic Manor Resort.

“Wales has the leading destination for events in the UK, the Celtic Manor, the host venue for H&C EXPO. The new event for UK hospitality bringing the UK hospitality and catering industry together for the first time in Wales.

“I am proud to be a part of H&C EXPO in Wales, to showcase Welsh software engineering, in Wales’ home of hospitality, owned by the man who inspired my career in technology.”