Things you must know for Total Inspection of Your Home


It is everyone’s dream to move into one’s new home. After buying a new home, you might be very eager to shift but you surely will like to confirm that your new home is in superb condition. From outside, it may seem that everything is fine but that is not the case. Before moving in, total inspection of the home is as important as moving into your new house.

Total inspection means checking everything from electricity wires to plumbing work, or from cooking gas to geyser installment for the reason to see they are working well.  For total inspections of the house, you will need a company which can provide you with all types of inspections and you will need not to go to various companies to do different jobs.

Here are few things of home inspection that you must know before moving in the new house:

  1. Preparing for Home Inspection: Before calling the home inspector, it is important to know what he will be looking for. A little homework before he comes will ensure that you are asking the right questions about the home and it also will help in understanding the inspection report and the condition of the new house enabling you to address the problems thoroughly. It may take him a couple of hours to prepare the report but he will give you a written report along with the contract.
  2. Checklist for Home Inspection: The checklist for home inspection can vary but the inspectors are concerned about the condition and working of the systems in the home. The checklist for exterior of the house will include carports, drainage system, retaining walls, plants, grading, driveway, balconies, roof, gutters, wall covering etc. The checklist for the interior of the house will include kitchen appliances (installed), walls, windows, doors, floor, ceiling, cabinets, foundation of the house, fireplace and stove etc. The checklist will include all items connected with plumbing and electric work.
  3. Things not Included in the Checklist: Although the checklist of inspection for the inspector is long, there are few things that you should not expect from the inspector to check. There are different rules for every state but still you cannot expect the inspector to check for the presence of rodents, carpenter ants, termites, wattage of electricity especially for alarms and phone lines, landscaping etc. These are the few things that you have to check yourself while buying the house. Some inspectors may do these things for you by charging extra fees.
  4. Finding a Home inspector: If you are looking for a home inspector, finding one is not that difficult. You can do your own research online and contact one working in your area. Try to find one who is certified and has good knowledge of home inspection. His report only will tell you the real condition of the house in which you are about to move.

Once the inspection is done and you have repaired all the flaws of the house, you can move in your new house with peace of mind.

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