Things To Know About Neon Signs


Neon Sign is a sustainable signage solution that defines the address of your business quite elegantly. Apart from assigning an identity to the businesses, the neon signs are used as indicators and to create illuminated logos too. If you are searching for the neon sign makers, you must do a little bit of research about these. We bring you here some noteworthy facts about Neon Signs that can help you in making informed purchases.

How neon signs are made

Neon gas is filled into the tubes made of glass. Since Neon gas is rare and inactive, it does not exude any harmful fumes and so is safe for use. The original color passed on by Neon gas is red. The makers use other elements like hydrogen, mercury, carbon dioxide and helium and so on, which enable the signs to illuminate in different colors. 

Cost of Neon Signs

The very first thing to know about Neon sign is its cost. You may find it a bit costly, honestly speaking; but the cost is covered by the elongated shelf-life that these signs are bestowed with. A neon sign of 20”x 37-40” may cost about $200.  You must reach to a custom Neon Sign maker to get the one for your business. Custom neon signs specialists can provide you multiple options that can fit in your budget suitably.

Shelf-life of a neon sign

When compared to an electric bulb, the life of neon sign is very long. It may not last even after a decade or so if it is used in correct way, such as, indoors and away from the direct sunlight. Best part of neon signs is that these are reusable. The gas inside it can be replenished and the coating can also be renewed. Thus, the aesthetic value of the neon lights can be maintained for decades. 

How to enhance the life of a neon sign

A neon sign works better and longer if these are installed indoors. The intensity of light decides the age of neon sign. If the light is not too intense, the neon sign coating can last for 5 to 7 years. Also, the life of neon sign’s tube portion is elongated if it is installed indoors. The neon signs do not work well when the electricity supply is not regular. The irregular supply of electricity can damage the neon tube and leave it blinking. A transformer’s life in a neon sign is between 8-15 years. These transformers work more efficiently if the sign is places in a cooler place or indoors.

Difference between neon signs and LEDs

Neon is a custom handmade light. So, when you are using neon signs you might be the only one using them and there will be no other sign like that. These signs are safer to use as these come with open circuit protection that breaks the electric connection in case the tube suffers any damage. LEDs, on the other hand, are mass-produced. These need to be fixed right from the scratch when broken and so are difficult to maintain.

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