The safe alternative to bitcoin transactions


With obtaining the cryptocurrency wallet your digital transactions are traced to the public. Everything becomes obvious to people you don’t like. The number of coins can be monitored directly. All information about using services or buying things via the Internet is available. Someone can use these details against you to harm your business and personal life. That’s why customers are using private mixing technologies to provide true anonymity of their transactions.

By creating an order, the private platforms are mixing an amount of bitcoin to disrupt the record back to the source. To provide the user`s transactional security, applies its digital solution to different sources of funds. This service is considered to be anonymous and requests the minimum details. All additional information that is required with loggings is deleted within seventy-two hours. This issue is applied to ensure the safety of your funds and the security of the mixing procedure itself.

The simplicity of coin mixing platforms

Getting set up seems to be rather simple and verified. All you need is to complete a short form and your account is created. Most platforms as well as BitMix accept Litecoin, BTC, ETH as available currencies. After you have run the registration process select and send the willing amount of coins to the mixing service address, and the bitcoin will be then sent directly back as clear cryptocurrency after the mixing procedure. 

The absolute privacy and low commissions

It means that nobody can access the client’s transaction history if you are an advanced user of a certain mixing platform. This process is rather simple, secure, and fast. What’s more, a fully verified letter of guarantee is also presented. The digital transaction is instant in most cases. The additional level of privacy of your transactions is applied with some services.