Syxen changes distributed-warehousing arena


Distributed warehousing has changed the economic landscape, allowing for massive growth in small and businesses nationwide. These warehouses not only make operating a business more efficient but a lot more profitable.

Distribution warehouses, also known as distribution centers, are a key component of the supply chain process. Companies that offer order fulfillment services, set up distribution facilities nationwide and use them to store products as well as prepare those products for delivery to customers.

A network of distribution centers

Syxen, an order fulfillment vendor, makes it easier for their clients to do business with its network of hundreds of distribution warehouses.

“Instead of having your inventory sitting in a handful of randomly located facilities, they are instead located at numerous facilities located virtually all over the country,” Syxen says on its website at

With the products available in these warehouse centers, it’s less costly and time consuming for our clients. Business owners can also meet with the owners of the distribution warehouses to talk about what they expect to get for partnering with us and to get advice on how their products will be processed.

Added benefits of distributed warehouses are that it cuts down on the use of fuel because carriers don’t have to drive far distances to get to customers. And less driving means less harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

The new face of logistics

For owners of e-commerce, which has become one of the most competitive industries, distributed warehouses are a lifeline. As soon as a customer places an order, the pressure is on to fill that order, process it, and get it to them without delay.

“When an order is placed, the first thing we do is identify our closest facility to the delivery address,” Syxen says on its website. “The order is then assigned to that location where it will be processed and shipped out in record time.”

Delta Global Services is the legal owner of Syxen online platform, which has set up hundreds of distribution warehouses nationwide. “The number and location of these facilities mean we are able to guarantee the fastest possible delivery,” the website states.

A lot more than storing

At distributed warehousing centers, clients get a host of other services to prepare their products for delivery to consumers. Those additional services include packing, labeling, and tracking. And these services are available to businesses of any size.

At Syxen, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to oversees inventory management. This tool identifies low stock levels and suggests potential orders that need to be placed based on past sales.

AI also calculates sales projections, tracks orders and incoming deliveries, and creates reports for clients. “It not only saves our staff time but yours as well. The AI efficiency allows you to spend your time on other tasks…,” the company says.

Expansion opportunities

Distributed warehousing comes with an opportunity any business owner wants: expanding their marketplace.

Syxen, a leader in global order fulfillment, can take your business global, opening a lucrative market for your products. The company handles all the logistics of accessing the international market such as laws, fees, and tariffs look for ways to save your business money.