Supply Chain 2017 leads to developed and expanded Sustainability 2018

The Hospitality and Catering Supply Chain Roundtable 2017 took place on Tuesday 25th April 2017 at Café Spice Namaste, hosted by Cyrus Todiwala OBE. The event was conceived by Cyrus, wanting to enable the sharing of knowledge and experience between like-minded people across the hospitality and catering industry, in relation to the food and drink supply chain.

Our host Cyrus opened the Roundtable with an introduction to the day, and each delegate then introduced themselves and outlined their objectives for the day. Beyond GM, Director, Lawrence Woodward OBE, started the ball rolling and the topic immediately focused on sustainability in the supply chain.

One of the over-riding themes that developed in the discussion was the need for more information about sustainability and the supply chain, across all sectors of our industry. Arwyn Watkins, President of The Welsh Culinary Association pointed out that “people drive sustainability and need hard information to make buying decisions”.

Andrew Johnson, Executive Chef at Chamberlains of London, explained with some frustration, “sometimes when new sustainable ingredients are added to the menu, providing the diner with an excellent dining experience, a lack of knowledge or ‘ingredient brand preferences’ can prevent some diners from ordering”.

Money and budgets soon came to the forefront of the discussion. The range of consumer budgets being catered for around the table provided a diverse range of views. Delegates providing meals for hospital patients and school children sat next to others providing some of the finest of fine dining.

There were many calls from delegates for greater dialogue between suppliers and buyers and a wish to expand and develop the theme.

So, we are delighted to announce that in July at H&C EXPO the dialogue will be expanded and developed with the focus shift delegates asked for, sustainability.

We are also delighted to announce a new sponsor of the roundtable for 2018, Hope & Glory Tea.

For Hope & Glory Tea provenance is at the heart of their tea proposition, impacting on the tea’s appearance, flavour and notes, or aroma. For Nina and Bharat Chudasama, founders of Hope & Glory Tea, sustainability is part of everything they do.

CEO Nina told us:

“We need to travel ourselves because we’re so particular about where we source our tea, and we only work with growers who are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership. We’re serious about sustainability. Our teas are single estate, Fair Trade and Soil Association approved. They are also packed at source.

We look forward to sitting down and talking with likeminded people who share our commitment to a sustainable hospitality and catering industry.”

Cyrus Todiwala OBE was equally pleased with the development and said:

“In April last year we sat down and discussed sustainability and its place in the supply chain. There was consensus from all delegates that sustainability and every aspect of how we make hospitality and catering more sustainable needed more air time.

When we met recently with Nina and Bharat Chudasama and the H&C EXPO team there was consensus once again, sustainability would be centre stage at H&C EXPO.”

H&C EXPO Event Director, Mark Harris reflected on the H&C EXPO research and what visitors had asked for:

“Our research to shape H&C EXPO showed clearly that visitors required a very different event for our industry in 2018, justifying time away from their jobs needed choice and options.

An event comprising many different elements that complement the whole is what we were asked to execute. The conference was high on almost everyone’s agenda as was sustainability.

So, we are now working with Hope & Glory Tea to deliver the sustainability roundtable in delivering precisely what visitors asked for.”

Our thanks once again to all who attended and contributed in 2017

  • Andrew Jones, Executive Chef Director, Chamberlains of London
  • Anna Morell, Food Policy Team, Greater London Authority
  • Arwyn Watkins, President, Welsh Culinary Association
  • Norman Dinsdale, Senior Lecturer, Hospitality & Culinary Arts, Sheffield Hallam University
  • James Ellerby, Senior Hospitality Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Chantelle Nicholson, Chef Patron, Tredwells & Group Operations Director, Marcus Wareing Restaurants
  • Daksha Mistry, Owner and Chef, Dakshas Gourmet Catering
  • Cyrus Todiwala OBE & Pervin Todiwala
  • Gareth Waters, Head of Restaurants and Catering, St Andrews Healthcare
  • Jocelyn Sowden & Jack-Robert Moller, Norwegian Seafood Council
  • Hugh McGivern, Consultant Chef, HMT Consulting
  • Marina D’ischia, Director of Business Solutions, Artizian Catering
  • Mark Ainsbury, Principal Policy Officer – Food, Greater London Authority
  • Rob Kurz, Head of Food, Artizian Catering
  • Gina McAdam, Stratemarco
  • Diana Spellman, Managing Director, Partners In Purchasing
  • Ruth Westcott, Campaign Coordinator Sustainable Fish Cities, Sustain
  • Pat Thomas & Lawrence Woodward OBE, Beyond GM
  • Steve Fox, Purchasing Director, Bartlett Mitchell
  • Majella O’Connell, Pavlova and Cream Photography Team
  • Rajina Gurung, Marine Conservation Society

Feedback from delegates requesting event development and expansion

The survey, and our attendance at the roundtable, have been extremely valuable in forming new partnerships and hearing about the priorities of people across the hospitality sector. We look forward to being involved in work to take this forward, including on how we can develop the agenda to meet future challenges faced by the industry.”

Mark Ainsbury and Anna Morell, Greater London Authority Food Policy Team

I think it was a great beginning to what is such a widespread topic. Sustainability has many different meanings and I think it almost needs to be broken down further into topics that are a bit more manageable and easier to discuss, such as plant based eating, farming and livestock, waste and the human resource.”

Chantelle Nicholson – Chef Patron, Tredwells, Group Operations Director, MARCUS WAREING RESTAURANTS

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