Students invite industry leaders to industry talks

An invitation from Charlene Mckenzie, Undergraduate BA Hons International Hospitality & Events Management Student, Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Dear Industry Leaders,

With the hospitality and catering industry facing a potential loss of 79,000 workers due to the impending Brexit situation, further pressure is being added to the existing people and skills shortage crisis within the industry. Hospitality and catering businesses are facing their biggest challenge yet.

As an industry leader, your understanding of these challenges are better than most and potentially these are issues you are already addressing.

Understanding public perceptions is key to figuring out the issues and topics that are challenging our people-based industry; only when this occurs on a nationwide scale, will we be able to find resolutions that will positively help change and aid the industry.

With this in mind, I am inviting leaders from the hospitality and catering industry to attend our roundtable conference – organised in association with H&C EXPO 2018. We aim to provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss these important industry issues with Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level Students from across the UK.

In line with the H&C EXPO event theme ‘Future Proofing Hospitality’, a roundtable event will take place where both industry leaders and students can talk through and discuss industry issues. Both parties will share the aim of gaining a better understanding of the needs of both employee and employer, and identifying strategies from them to shape a better future for the industry.

H&C EXPO is taking place this July at the Celtic Manor; the first of its type to give a real voice to students who are the future of our industry. The concept of this student and industry leader conference is my own, and was received positively by the H&C EXPO team – they listened, acted and insisted I retain ownership and control.

If you are an industry leader or a student, please complete the form below if you would like to be invited to attend and take part in our roundtable conference.

Yours sincerely,

Charlene Mckenzie

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