#StopNoShow and other challenges for Chefs in 2018, being addressed

The #StopNoShow campaign to reduce the number of restaurant no shows championed by Chef Damian Wawrzyniak is gathering huge momentum across our industry. Amongst many other challenges faced in 2018 by Chefs and restauranteurs, no shows are impacting more and more on bottom lines and morale.

Chef Damian recently featured The Guardian’s ‘Cash-strapped restaurants turn up heat on no-show diners’ feature, where he and many others from our industry highlighted the cost of no shows. The article was shared by more than a thousand Guardian readers and provoked a similar amount of comments.

Chef Damian’s #StopNoShow campaign is gathering further impetus as can be seen below when he was interviewed on the subject and the wider restaurant scene in 2018 by Reuters.

Video by Reuters

#StopNoShow and the many other business issues that face Chefs and restauranteurs will be addressed by Chef Damian at The Chef’s Conference taking place at H&C EXPO in July.

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