Staffing 101: Things to consider while hiring staffing agencies!


As an entrepreneur, you probably maintain a hands-on approach to management and recruitments. However, there is only this much that you can do, and staffing has always been a standard branch to outsource. While big companies have been hiring staffing agencies like Hunt international for their recruitment needs for the longest time, smaller businesses, startups and new brands are also opting for the idea. Finding the right employment agency, however, is critical for your enterprise, and there are a few things that are worth discussing and reviewing.

The initial response and interest

Anyone can use Google to find potential candidates, or placing an ad online doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. The whole purpose of a staffing agency is to go beyond that. You need to know and understand the kind of response an agency has towards your company’s staffing needs. The best agencies don’t just find candidates, but they also work extensively to comprehend the work culture of the organization, so that right people can be hired, as well as, retained.

Discuss the costing

Every staffing agency has its own process of working with clients. They may choose to work on a retainer mode with big businesses, while for startups and smaller companies, they may work on a contingency basis. In case of the latter, they may want to charge a percentage of the salary of every candidate hired. Many companies also work differently for temporary and fast recruiting needs. Nevertheless, ensure that the staffing agency and your company is clear on these aspects.

Ability to deliver

There will be times when you want to hire people quick, or fill up positions that are critical to the management. The expertise, experience and understanding of a staffing agency with regards to your company and business are aspects to consider. You need to know what they can do and what they won’t. For instance, if you want to reduce the expenses on the HR team, you can even rely on the same staffing agency for promotions and transfers too.

For the future

Collaboration with the right staffing agency can change the way your organization operates and hires people. Take your time to evaluate what may work for your enterprise in the long run, and accordingly, you can decide on the arrangement and contract with the staffing agency. This is a relationship worth keeping, so don’t shy away from asking upfront questions.