Smart home upgrades that yield high returns


Home renovations have become one of the most popular ways to make a home more attractive for resale. Whether it is DIY or professionally done, a homeowner can often experience a higher price and a quicker sale on a move-in ready home. In addition, if you aren’t interested in selling, a home improvement project will make your home more comfortable and conducive to your lifestyle.

The Top 5 Home Upgrades

  • Kitchen renovation – Don’t go overboard with gourmet kitchen improvements but consider what surrounding homes are offering.
  • Bathroom Addition or Renovation – A bathroom addition will attract potential buyers especially if you only have one bathroom. Renovations just simply make the bathroom experience more pleasant and adds a ‘new’ feeling to the home.
  • Wood flooring or refinishing – There is nothing more appealing than beautiful, quality flooring.
  • Wood deck – A wood deck across the back of your home will present a relaxed, calming atmosphere of family and friend time.
  • Energy-efficient windows – Replacement windows can add value to any home. Along with making a home look more aesthetically pleasing, tightly sealed windows¬†will create a quieter environment and save on electric bills.

Home Equity Loans

Taking out a home equity loan is an investment in your future. You can make the necessary changes in your space to make it more appealing and add a profit margin to the sale that might not have been there before. And who knows, you may love it so much once the improvements are done that you decide to stay!