Operating Systems and databases, a solid ARC Technology Village foundation

H&C EXPO the new three-day hospitality and catering event taking place in July 2018 at the Celtic Manor Resort is pleased to announce the latest addition to The ARC Technology Village exhibitor line up, RDB Concepts.

When the event doors open visitors looking for technology solutions will not have far to go. The ARC Technology Village will greet them at the front of the exhibition hall.

The ARC Technology Village will feature the companies, products and services that ARC have worked with successfully for many years. Tried and tested in thousands of locations, across the UK & Ireland, Europe and the Nordics.

Steve RAC, MD, ARC Services who is the architect of The ARC Technology Village concept said:

“We are investing in The ARC Technology Village to ensure that visitors to H&C EXPO can look at case studies of IT solutions that are currently in place at some of the best-known brands in our industry.

We want to enable visitors spend time with us leaving with information they can use and deploy. Time is a precious commodity for us all and we respect the time visitors will spend with us at H&C EXPO.

Our solutions are dependent on our working with the best technology providers and we are delighted that they are joining us at H&C EXPO 2018.”

Phill Evans, CEO, RDB Concepts told us on joining the ARC team:

“We work with ARC in providing the best database and operating system support and tuning to deliver the right solution for clients, this means we are database and platform agnostic, focusing on having the right infrastructure configuration. A culture that is also adopted by ARC.

We work with people that share our approach to best practice and have done for many years successfully with Steve and ARC. So, when Steve explained how the ARC Technology Village was being brought together, and how they were already working with H&C NEWS, we knew we had to be part of it.

The venue is also inspired, Celtic Manor is a living, breathing case study in hospitality excellence.”

Steve Rac, MD, ARC Service explained his thinking in inviting RDB Concepts to join The ARC Technology Village saying:

“Operating Systems and databases are the foundation IT component for our customers, we are delighted to work with RDB Concepts and we are equally delighted they will be working alongside us at H&C EXPO.”

H&C EXPO is a three-day event taking place at the Celtic Manor 16-18 July 2018