NextMenu helping to sell more beer at H&C EXPO

NextMenu are exhibiting in The Arc Technology Village at H&C EXPO in July and part of what they will be demonstrating to visitors is how they can help them to sell more beer.

Sometimes you just want a beer, you’re hot, thirsty, tired – and you’ve earned it haven’t you? So why do you have to crush into a melee at the bar on Friday night and wait ten minutes to get it?  It shouldn’t be that hard.

Now maybe you enjoy that sort of thing.  Maybe the crowd and the shove is part of enjoying a night out, or a day at the match.  But if you’re running the venue and you want to sell beer, then your priorities are different, and you might be pleased to hear that help is at hand.

NextMenu, makers of digital ordering and payment solutions, have taken their payment skills and applied them to an automated beer pump.  They have integrated a “tap to pay” solution directly into a beer pump that is, in itself, a very interesting bit of kit, supplied by Reverse Tap.

High volume venues face challenges in serving beer fast enough, taking payments, and managing the queue, both to keep people happy and to maintain order.  A football stadium has thousands of beers to serve during half time.  A music festival may have to staff the pumps and the tills continuously for days at a time.  And often the staff are temporary, unskilled and possibly untrusted.

NextMenu think they can help you to keep costs down and service quality up.

One way they are now ready to deliver this is with their ‘Beer on Tap’ self-service solution – a partnership with Reverse Tap, an innovative ‘beer from the bottom of the glass’ provider.  This adds to their repertoire of CPOS (Customer as the Point of Sale) offerings that include digital ordering, digital payment and table management systems all on a single platform.

By integrating their payment with Reverse Tap drinkers can simply walk up to the pump, place a glass on the stand and tap their card to pay.  A pint is served in about 7 seconds to be drunk at whatever pace you choose.

If you want to talk self-serve beer with the NextMenu team in July at H&C EXPO taking place at the Celtic Manor register here to attend

H&C EXPO launch attracts guests from all over the UK