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NEXT Trucking creates flexible options for essential companies during the pandemic



A leading freight tech company located in California called NEXT Trucking has recently announced a few changes to their business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately. With this being a fluid situation, the company also continues to monitor everything and make changes when necessary. For now, they are focusing a lot on helping out the essential businesses in need of the most assistance.

Focus on Essentials

Some companies were ordered to either shut down completely, or significantly slow down due to the pandemic. That means some companies are not moving nearly as much product as they are used to during a normal year. Their supply chain either stopped, or found themselves suspended temporarily. However, essential companies are finding out that they actually need more help than ever before.

NEXT Trucking has worked very hard to connect essential companies with the best delivery services they have for fast turnaround times. Speeding up the process and being better than the competition can be crucial for companies during this time. Even shaving a day or two off of delivery times can make a world of difference, and NEXT Trucking is coming up with solutions on the fly to help with that.

One of the keys to their success is being very open with sharing information that could help other companies make smarter decisions. Data sharing across the supply chain makes a lot more sense in today’s climate, and with increased transparency comes smarter decisions for all. 

Accurate data is crucial in times like these, as everyone is either in a huge hurry for shipping, or figuring out a way to navigate the pandemic in general. Data in the past has mostly stayed private with a lot of companies, but that complicates matters now. This sharing of data could be a change that is here to stay to make shipping more efficient from now on.

Storing Non-Essential Shipments

For those companies with everything temporarily on hold, coming up with storage solutions and cost-efficient shipping solutions makes the most sense.

NEXT Trucking offers a few different storage options for companies they work with. Some will need temporary storage at ports with minor delays. For longer delays, land storage makes the most sense. They now offer some outstanding storage solutions at an affordable price

Preparing For Future Hurdles

At this point, no one knows what the future holds in regards to COVID-19. NEXT Trucking is working extra hours to ensure that their clients have less to worry about for solutions during this difficult time.

Clients can expect progressive problem solving from NEXT Trucking as they look to keep business as close to normal as possible for all. For future updates connect with the NEXT team on Facebook or check out their website at nexttrucking.com.