Management of the Best Projects Now: What Options You Have


Assuming that, working better and in less time is the main objective, you must be clear that, in order to succeed, it is essential that you understand how to save time to use it more productively, also because, having an effective time management would allow you to devote yourself more to the development of your business or to live more serenely. You can make use of the free project management templates there.

These tips, aimed precisely at understanding how to save time, will help you be more efficient, reducing stress, through effective time management:

Plan and plan your business

Planning your business is the most important strategy you can adopt for effective time management.

If you do not plan your activities and your days, your time ends up being managed by your customers, employees or collaborators, other professionals, rather than your family members.

To improve this, check what you are doing today in terms of planning compared to:

  • Well identifiable activities in priority, important and effectively urgent.
  • Consistency of action with respect to the activities that only and only you can and must do.
  • Management of a programming to which you make absolute and constant reference.
  • Use of smartphones, tablets, agenda with a defined framework between appointments, deadlines, ideas.
  • Maximum time to devote to the management of interruptions, to dialogue with collaborators and partners and others according to your specific activity, which you are able to respect and enforce.
  • Behavior in case of actual emergencies and recovery times of the previously programmed modes.
  • Ability not to handle phone calls and emails until the moment you plan to deal with them.
  • Clear identification of the activities (and the time to devote to them) that produce the greatest benefits and that lead you more quickly to achieving your results.

Not a bad checklist, is it? Make good use of it

Define what is priority, important or urgent

We like this quote because it allows me to make you understand why you have to have a method that “categorizes” your activities, for example, in important, unimportant, urgent and non-urgent.

Continuing to quote Eisenhower, he defined urgent and important activities, important but not urgent, followed by urgent but unimportant and therefore non-urgent and unimportant commitments.

This methodology is today inapplicable and wrong because it is the daughter of those times and of the way of life of that President, but the issue of categorizations remains always current because, now as then, you must always be clear what your main priorities are.

Another typical methodology of Time Management systems is ABC. This provides for the classification of all your activities with the letters A, B and C in order of importance. It is also possible in this method to prioritize each category by listing it as a number 1, 2 or 3 in priority.