Making Glass Sparkle Clean – The Tips And Tricks To Do This


The truth is that having sparkling clean mirrors and windows around your home can be a challenging task. Often you will spend hours wiping and spraying them only to be left with a window that looks almost as dirty as they were initially. However, with the correct tools and methods, the cleaning process will become simpler. This will leave your glass surface not only clean but sparkling. In the end, you will end up saving money and time. Cleaning your own windows at home is fine, but in the workplace you and your staff won’t have time for that; consider appointing commercial cleaning hampshire to look after your office windows.

Top to Bottom Cleaning Method

If you really want to have clean windows and mirrors, then you should clean them from top to bottom. The main reason for this cleaning method is straight forward. This is because while cleaning, both the cleaning solution and dirt will drip down because of gravity. As such, you should let the solution drip into areas where you have not yet washed. This method will make your windows and glass clean and sparkling.

Wash Windows on a Cloudy Day

Many people clean their windows on a sunny day, which is wrong. They think it is better so that they can easily see the dirt and let it dry well. However, the sun can prematurely dry the window washing fluid, which will only leave residue and flow lines. However, on a cloudy day, cleaning will be easier as the solution will not dry until rinsed or wiped away.

Use a Squeegee

It is truly amazing how a simple squeegee can make a difference when cleaning glass surfaces. If you use a piece of cloth, the chances are that you are going to re-wipe the glass area severally until all cleaning solution is removed. On the other hand, using a squeegee makes the work effortless. As such, if you have tall windows, it is wise to invest in a long-handled squeegee for effectiveness.

Clean Corners With Cotton Swabs

It does not matter the time you spend cleaning your windows or the effort you put on cleaning; residue builds up in the corners of the glass. It is difficult to remove the residue unless you use the right tools. This is where the cotton swab comes into the picture. It will help you clean those hard to reach areas.

Old T-Shirts

Using old T-shirts to clean glass is ideal because they do not leave any lint residue. That is because they are absorbent. Furthermore, using an old T-shirt rather than a paper towel will help you save time and money. Moreover, it is good for the environment.

Consider Homemade Window Cleaners

It is a fact that some homemade solutions do the best job. Furthermore, they are economical and mainly do not contain unknown chemicals. An excellent example of the best homemade cleaner is a solution made from alcohol, vinegar and water. The ratio is 1 cup of water, 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. White vinegar and isopropyl alcohol make the solution evaporate faster, which competes with commercial brands. The solution also helps achieve a shiny surface.


The majority of people prefer using newspapers to polish their glass surface. Well, the truth is that newspapers work. However, many do not like getting newsprint on their hands. Furthermore, the newspaper does not hold up well when it gets wet. Nevertheless, if you are unable to find a cloth or towel, then you can use newspapers. You can wear gloves if you do not like how your hands look after using newspapers.

Avoid Woodwork

Most window and glass cleaning solutions cause damage to wood frames. Even if the damage is not visible straight away, with time, it will be visible to you. The only solution to this problem is prevention. How? Well, you can do this by preventing the drips from getting to the wood frames, by using a small cloth on the wood or invest in a windowsill to absorb any drip. Also, you can avoid the problem by avoiding using too much spraying at once. Instead, spray the window is small sections that you are working on from top to bottom.