Is It Possible to Prevent Employee Turnover and How to Do That?


Every business experiences employee turnover. After all, employees will come and go. However, it’s also true that with the turnover rise, your business can lose money. Finding new employees and training them can cost you more than your business can handle.

Still, there are always ways to prevent or at least minimize employee turnover. This is all part of your company’s culture and practices that can definitely make the employees want to stay loyal to you for the foreseeable future. That said, keep in mind the following.

Hire the Right People for Your Company

Of course, checking the skills and experience is very important for every employer when they’re looking to hire new people for their team. However, this should never be all there is to it when it comes to your hiring process. Actually, more people quit their jobs due to the inability to fit into the company’s culture properly, which is precisely why you should also focus on behavioural questions during the interview.

In general, it would be wise to have an HR of your company and even other employees come up with questions so that both you and the interviewed party can easily decide whether you’re the right fit or not. Actually, the way a person feels about the whole team and company’s practices will affect their work, satisfaction and productivity a lot more than their skill set, which will ultimately affect your business, too.

Competitive Pay and Benefits are a Must

You can’t expect your employees to be happy and stay loyal to your company if you don’t pay them enough money for their work. In order to find out the ideal wage for the work they should do, it’s effective to perform market research in your local area. Essentially, this will allow you to gain insight into what other companies within the same niche pay their employees on average. You don’t want to offer payment below that average.

Furthermore, payment is not everything. Benefits are equally important if you want to prevent employee turnover. Just like with payment, you can learn a lot about essential and competitive employee benefits from research.

Praise and Reward Your Employees

Obviously, you don’t have to praise and reward employees every single day for some simple tasks. But, when they successfully complete complicated and difficult projects, it’s definitely beneficial for all of you to give praise where praise is due. Showing your appreciation will only motivate your employees and boost their happiness and productivity. This is a positive environment you should strive to create at work.

Also, rewarding your team from time to time can be an excellent way to strengthen the team spirit and allow your employees to get to know each other better. For instance, team building activities, company dinners, and maybe even themed events and gala balls for really special occasions are all things that will make your company culture more attractive to the employees.

Show the Possibility of Career Advancement

No one likes to feel stuck in one place in life, and the same goes for work. In that respect, stagnation at their job can easily lead to employee turnover. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s crucial that you clearly show a career path for your employees. This can be a clear road to promotion through their duties or maybe even just more responsibilities as they gain more experience at your company.

Whatever the case may be, without the possibility of advancement at their job, your employees are more likely to leave your company in search of better conditions at other employers.

Consider Flexible Work Schedules

The most important thing for your business is to get things done. In the end, when your employees work shouldn’t hold that much importance if their own schedule works wonders for them and their productivity.

Basically, allowing a flexible work schedule will help your employees tremendously when it comes to balancing their professional and personal life. What’s more, if you consider introducing the option to work from home, not only will you instantly get better options for employment but your employees will find this practice to be truly beneficial, too. You can also introduce employee attendance tracking software for extra peace of mind. That said, a flexible work schedule may as well be one of the most effective practices for preventing employee turnover.

If you experience a high turnover rate at your company, it’s time to consider your company’s culture and practices. Address the above-mentioned points and compare them with your current situation. You’re likely to find a lot of room for improvement that can help you minimize and even completely prevent employee turnover. In the end, if you want to build a company with employees who are loyal to you and your brand, you should strive to show your respect and loyalty towards your employees, as well.