Introducing: ‘Live buying and selling in action’

‘On the day’ investment for food and drinks businesses up for grabs at, The H&C EXPO Innovation Den Event.

Many artisan food and drink businesses start from a passion developed for the products sold by the business founders. This passion when added to a robust business plan and exceptional customer service behind a high-quality product powers the business forward.

Many artisan food and drink businesses intentionally stay small, enjoying a good living provided by the business, others want to scale and grow.

Scaling businesses is a challenge for many entrepreneurial small business owners as it requires skill sets acquired from experience of the same. This experience can be found in abundance in many larger businesses that have been through the scaling process successfully on many occasions.

So, if you own and/or manage an artisan food and drink business that wants to retain its core values and scale the business, we have an exciting opportunity for you.

Buyer teams from leading hospitality and catering businesses will take their seats on stage at The Innovation Den during H&C EXPO 17th and 18th July 2018.

The teams will be led by experienced procurement professionals with budget to spend and contracts to award on both days of H&C EXPO.

The winners will be the artisan food and drink suppliers that present the best opportunities to work with the Buyer Teams.

Buyer Teams will include colleagues from different departments, marketing, sales, operations and others that will help procurement evaluate each business proposition presented on the day. It’s not all about cost, innovation will be centre stage.

One of the Innovation team that will be on stage at H&C EXPO explained why he is taking part and what he is looking for. Jon Williams, Group Purchasing Director, CH&Co said:

Jon Williams, Group Purchasing Director, CH&Co

We’re really looking forward to taking part in the Innovation Den at H&C EXPO and to be part of the buzz of live buying and selling in action!

We’re very keen to meet quality new suppliers that we can potentially work with. Since we introduced our own Innovation Den at CH&Co Group some time ago, we’ve met many exciting suppliers, including the niche and artisan, who have something very different to offer.

There’s an abundance of quality products to be discovered across the UK and by creating this platform we’re opening the door to a variety of businesses and their exceptional products and services.”

Jim Wealands, Group Food Development Director, CH&Co will also be on stage adding:

Jim Wealands, Group Food Development Director, CH&Co

We’ve been running our own Innovation Den for a couple of years now and it’s a fantastic concept that’s added real value to the culinary team and our food development.

It’s enabled us to reach quality suppliers with first-class, regional ingredients that have enhanced our offer.

It’s also proven to be a very useful route particularly for smaller artisan suppliers, to access a larger market and gain some great feedback and support in the process. I believe that the Innovation Den at H&C EXPO will be equally useful for both suppliers and operators, and very exciting.

We’ll be looking to discover quality new products, and who knows, the successful ones may even end up with a supplier agreement!”

Details of how to apply to take part

The H&C EXPO Innovation Den takes place at the Celtic Manor on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th July 2018.

The buyer teams at leading hospitality and catering businesses will take a seat on stage to consider pitches from artisan food and drink businesses to work with them.

Businesses wishing to present their products and services will need to:

Be available from 10 am to 4pm on both days if selected to present. A time slot will be provided to each successful business six weeks in advance of the event to plan their attending and taking part.

Each business can have one to three presenters taking part.

There are twelve thirty-minute presentation slots available between: 10 am – Midday and 2 pm – 4 pm on Tuesday 17th and 10 am – Midday on Wednesday 18th July. Businesses applying to take part cannot request a time slot, each will be allocated by the organisers.

There will be seating for an audience of up to 100 people at each of the presentations.

At the end of each presentation one or more of the buyer teams will then decide if they want to meet later in the day to talk business with the presenter in more detail. Each successful presenter will also therefore have to be available to meet one or more of the buyers later in the afternoon/evening if requested.

The presenter will need to be able to take a business decision on behalf of her/his business to work with one or more of the buyer teams or not as the case may be.

Day one’s winners will announced on the morning of Day two on stage and Day two’s winners later the same day.

The buyer teams are looking for winners and keen to find as many as possible over both days.

Each successful business selected to present will be provided with a business profile article published in the H&C NEWS and H&C EXPO websites prior to the event. The article will be created from an interview with H&C NEWS’ Interviews Editor, Emma Eversham.

Each successful business selected to present will need to cover their own Travel and Accommodation (if required) costs to take part.

Plus, Win One Year’s Advertising

At the end of the two-day event the Buyer Teams will select the best presentation over the two days, the overall winner will then additionally receive an annual advertising schedule in H&C NEWS worth £10,000. Further helping with the scaling of the winner’s business.

Please complete the form below to allow us to start to process your application to present your business at The H&C EXPO Innovation Den Event to the Buyer Teams.

The Buyer Teams, not the organisers, will select the businesses they want to present from your application, so please ensure as much information as possible is provided to have the best chance of qualifying.

The selection process ensures that all businesses requested to take part have a good chance of being successful with the opportunity offered.

The Buyer Team’s decision is final and neither the Buyer Teams or the organisers will enter any communications or discussions about the selection process once completed.

Each of the twelve businesses selected to present will be informed by phone of their taking part.

There is an administration charge of £135 to make an application which partly covers the time and administration of processing each application.

The Buyer Teams will select the businesses they want to present to them based on their review of your application. Please indicate in the application form if you are happy for one or more to contact you for further information during the review process.

All applications need to be supplied by 31st May 2018

The companies selected to attend and present their products to the buyer teams will be notified no later than 31st May 2018

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