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Installing Squeeze Guards to Keep Businesses Operating Safely


Sneeze guards and protective barriers are made from high-quality acrylic or glass that has become a common sight in restaurants, supermarket counters, and even offices. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing people across the globe to protect themselves from infection and businesses invest in protective barriers to keep their employees and customers safe. Malls and supermarkets are adding Displetech protective sneeze guards to checkout lanes. As the health crisis continues, and even after it has passed, the use of these products is expected to continue.

Reasons for Using Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards provide valuable protection for employees. Those made from acrylic are unbreakable, scratch-resistant, and durable. Also, the installation of a barrier can deter intruders. 

During this tough time, many businesses take hygiene more seriously. Protecting employees and customers is paramount to the continuity of the business and its success. Customers prefer to do business with companies that show their commitment to ensuring workplace and customer safety.

Sneeze guards protect germs from passing being spread from person to person or person to food through sneezing or coughing. Flu, the common cold, and viruses including the novel coronavirus are spread through coughing and sneezing.

Buying Sneeze Guards

The majority of sneeze guard manufacturers fabricate their products to client size and shape specifications. They create freestanding and fixed squeeze guards that can be modified to include an opening of any size for accepting documents, deliveries, or other items. They can visit businesses to take the measurements and make sure they make barriers that perfectly fit.

In terms of the height, a sneeze guard must be tall enough for the average customer, so it has to be between 1.5 and 1.8 meters tall. When fitted into a raised surface like a checkout counter at a supermarket, it can be shorter. When it comes to the material, most businesses prefer acrylic as a lighter alternative that is also eco-friendly. 

Everyone is doing their best to get through this challenging time. Businesses across the country are trying to stay open and protect their employees and customers. They enforce six-feet gaps in waiting lines and require customers to order and pay online before they pick up their food. Luckily, acrylic barriers are helping people access necessities and stay healthy. 

Although some businesses can shut down their operations temporarily, others should stay open to offer essential services and goods to the public. If your company stays open or is opening again, it is time to look for a reputable provider of sneeze guards or acrylic barriers.