Importance of Digital Forensics in IP Theft Cases


Intellectual property (IP) refers to the legal rights that arise from intellectual activity in certain fields. This includes trade secrets, designs, works of art, inventions, symbols, and phrases. Because intellectual property is so important, it can possibly break a company when they end up in the hands of competitors.

Using Digital Forensics in IP Theft Cases

A digital forensic consultant like Elijah should be contacted right away even when there is the slightest possibility of IP theft. Usually, such cases end up in a formal legal proceeding. Also, the digital evidence’s custodian plays an important role in the legal action. Even if there is no argument made, it is best to call in a digital forensic consultant right after the detection of the theft to make sure they get a look at the evidence in the purest form. It is important to hire a consultant with knowledge of proper evidence handling and has testified in court as an expert witness.

Kinds of Evidence to be Used

In case of customer database theft, forensic experts can determine the date and time of the file transfer, the file size, the device onto which the database was transferred, and other important pieces of evidence. In the age where company perks include computers, mobile devices, and other electronic gadgets that store high volumes of data, companies must keep in mind that such devices can help in facilitating the possibility of data theft and they contain evidence when this takes place.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

To make sure a victim company gets the most benefits from its IP theft case, they must document early after identifying a problem employee. They need to determine the digital items that are most important to the business’ operation and keep an open mind on how it may be exploited. In case the company suspects an IT theft, they should secure and lock-down all equipment the suspect uses immediately, shut off remote access, and contact a digital forensic consultant and schedule a meeting as soon as possible. If the company wants to see criminal charges, it should notify law enforcement immediately.

Digital devices are important in people’s work and personal lives. Technology has played an important role in everything people do for better productivity, communication, and entertainment. Thus, companies that are suspecting an unhappy or disgruntled employee should secure access to their intellectual property before the employee in question will cut off access themselves.