How You Obtain A Latvia Residency by investment


Well to start things off let’s know about Latvia. It is a country that acts as a bridge between the west and the east and also provides direct access to all European markets. It has a pretty low cost of living, alongside skilled workforce, a well-developed infrastructure and also has the lowest of total tax rate.

Latvia Permanent Citizenship And Residence

In case if you decided to begin your life somewhere in Europe and thought of applying for the Latvia permanent residence, then one must live for at least 4 out of last 5 years post obtaining Latvia residential permit.

Latvian Citizenship Needs

In order to get eligible for applying for Latvian citizenship and then get a European passport one must live in Latvia itself for 10 years, where 5 years as the permanent resident, one will need to prove it with the permanent place as residence and as a confirmation of the employment. Therequirementsareasfollows-

  • Demonstrate the knowledge of a basic principles of a Constitution of the Republic of Latvia.
  • No criminal record and a good character.
  • No debts or a tax.

Hope this will help you get Latvia Residency by investment.