How to Write a CV for a First or a Seasonal Job?


Do you want to get a first job or a seasonal job? You have to know how to write a CV that will make recruiters want to call you for an interview. But what is a good CV, would you say? Be careful with resumes which are well laid out but dot have a quality content. Or conversely, CVs that are too long and do not highlight the main points of your profile.

The structure and the Progression of the CV

Put the personal information before anything else on the CV: first name, last name, email, telephone number, geographic mobility, driver’s license (if necessary), a summary of your business skills and personal suitability; professional experiences (from the most recent to the oldest). Then, start to fill the “Studies and Training” section. For this purpose, only indicate the last diploma, work-study diploma, and training related to the position sought. After, there is the “Languages” section which is not mandatory if is not an asset for the job for which you are applying. A photo is optional but also useful for sales or reception positions, etc. A photo must be professional. To help you set up your structure, create your own CV on an online CV generator.

The Title and the Number of Pages for a CV

To make it easier for the recruiter, you must indicate the job title for which you are applying. Especially if it is also a spontaneous application. Headhunters do not have time to search for information in details. Do not hesitate to change the title of your resume according to the position if necessary. Is the correct length a page or two? Recruiters spend a few seconds on your curriculum vitae, rarely more than a minute for a first screening. They need to read useful information. If you are a young graduate or have limited experience, one page will be enough. If, on the contrary, you are already a confirmed expert, two pages are recommended, not more!

The Terminology of the CV

Beware of spelling, grammar, etc. It is highly advised to have your CV proofread by different people if possible. You must enter keywords, action verbs to describe your missions, figures if you have also had positions related to budgets for example. In the digital era, many recruiters use tools that will allow them to see right away if your resume contains the words they are looking for.