How to use Instagram stories for your business?


Since the day of its inception, Instagram has taken the social media market by storm. This is why every business these days is increasingly thinking of publicizing their brick and mortar business or site on their Instagram story. The best part is that Instagram stories have a lot of fun elements and are creative, along with engaging. Without your concise knowledge, you swipe past thousands of stories every day and so Instagram marketing can be beneficial for any business.

Are you struggling hard to incorporate Instagram stories into your business marketing techniques? If yes, then here’s a definitive guide for you.

A peek into the upload process

You can always upload stories by tapping in the upper right corner of the Instagram feed. The camera will take you to a camera where you can shoot your own advertising or upload a pre-fabricated one.

Filters can enhance your product or service

Instagram has this bewildering range of interesting and intuitive filters that can enhance your image and give it the theme and feel that you want. Make sure that you choose the ideal filter, and your story can turn into a masterpiece.

Stickers and Gifs

Besides, there is an amazing number of Gifs and stickers a swell that can add flair to your overall story. You can use these to make your story more engaging and fun. You can also add music if you want. Isn’t that amazing?

Boomerangs are the recent trends

Videos and photos are always in the trend, but if you want to do something that will make you stand apart from the crowd, then Boomerangs can always be a great alternative.

Build suspense

Stories have this limited time duration and won’t stay for long, so if you have launched a new product or service, then you can always upload everything in parts so that the customers find it mysterious.

Use hash tags and mention businesses

In the stickers section, you can always find a mention space where you can mention an id that you want. If you want people to see you, then you can always use these mention stickers.

Location can also be added

If you want people to know where your business sis then you can always add a location to your stories that when clicked can straight take the audience to the pinned location on the map. This can not only bring you traffic but can also enhance the visibility of your store a swell by functioning as signage.

The bottom line

We live in a world where the only reputation is the only reputation. Gone are the days when recommendations were valued because nowadays, shares and referrals on the reviews are more welcomed!  People these days are kind of addicted with uploading every titbit of their day to day stuff in their feed and can’t resist from scrolling through the social media.

This is whey switching to smart social media sites like that of Instagram are indispensable.  Make sure that you choose the best methodologiesfor your Instagram marketing, and you will never regret any effort that you are investing in.