How to Tell Your Brand Story Through an Animated Video


With videos as the most popular type of content today, using this format to tell your brand story should be an easy decision to make.

A company specializing in animated video production explains that videos are more effective in capturing the attention of consumers. They also drive more engagement than any other type of content.

Videos also have higher retention rates, especially when compared to text-based content. Additionally, they can successfully evoke emotions in viewers, thus, making them more effective in encouraging them to take action or heed the CTA.

Because of these notable benefits, if you want more people to know about your brand story, having an animated video that tells your brand story is a must.

Using Animated Videos to Bring Life to Your Brand Story

To tell your brand story effectively through an animated video, follow these seven tips:

  1. Come up with a spot-on script

The script is the foundation of every video. As such, you need to put in a lot of time and effort into writing the perfect one for this particular project.

When creating the script, keep it short yet informative. It should have a beginning, middle, and end, like all stories. Make sure there is a logical and seamless progression among these three parts.

Don’t worry about leaving out information that you think needs to be on the video; you can include a link to the more detailed version of your brand story  in your CTA.

Think about your audience, as well, when writing the script. Consider their demographics, background, interests, and preferences.

Try to use words that they can relate with or appeals to them. This also means avoiding the use of jargon, complicated dialogue, and clichés or phrases that may turn off your viewers.

Lastly, don’t forget to stick to your company’s tone of voice. Make sure your viewers notice this. Consistency in telling your brand story across different forms is crucial if you want your content to uniquely resonate with your target audience.

  1. Add some humor

To have a video that your viewers will love watching and will be imprinted in their memories for a long time, inject well-thought-out and appropriate humor in the script.

Include funny scenes or dialogues in your script that are relevant to your story and brand personality, and make sure they are well-placed and timed.

If you think a joke, pun, or humorous bit has no place in the video and appears to be forced, forget about adding it. If you don’t get the humor or you think it is in poor taste, it is highly likely the viewers will feel the same.   

  1. Choose the right type of animation to use

Different types of animation are widely used today for corporate and marketing reasons. These include cartoons, whiteboard, motion graphics, liquid motion, and 3D animation.

Cartoon animation is the best type to choose if you want your brand story to be fun and light-hearted. It can also bring life to your characters more effectively since they will be able to perform actions and interact with the situation.

Additionally, cartoon animations can humanize your brand since it can give the video emotion and personality.

3D and liquid motion animation are also highly recommended options since they can tell your story in more fascinating, eye-catching ways. However, they require a higher outlay since they call for more advanced video production technology.

  1. Make your characters energetic and charming

Since characters can initiate the story, give your brand story a more personal touch, and evoke emotions in your viewers, they need to be well-developed. They have to be interesting and relatable, too.

However, try to keep their design and look simple. You have to ensure they reflect the personality and goals of your brand. If you want to convey a high level of professionalism, you can’t have too cartoonish and surreal characters.

But to make your characters lively and attention-grabbing, bring them to life. Make them run, hop, skip, and perform other movements. Let them show some emotions, as well.

By doing so, you will entertain your audience and enable them to remember your video for a long time.

  1. Add appropriate sound effects and background music

Sound and music are also crucial elements of any kind of video. As such, you need to have them for your animated clip, as well.

Numerous websites allow you to download music and sounds for your video for free or low fees. Check the terms and conditions for using them to be sure you won’t encounter any copyright infringement problems.

Additionally, make sure you choose the relevant sounds and music for your video. When you select these elements carefully, you will have content that is more enjoyable and memorable for your viewers.

With video as a core part of branding this year and in the future, make sure you have one that tells your brand story effectively.

If you want your animated video to convey your brand story in the best way possible, don’t hesitate to get help from a professional animated video production company.


Anthony Lam is the founder of Punchy Digital Media, a creative agency that helps organisations grow using animated videos and creative visual content. Punchy has a team across Australia and Asia and has worked with clients such as Apple, Westpac and the Australian Government, running campaigns and reaching millions of people.