How to Tell if You’re Working with a Good Contingency Attorney


There’s a particularly dreadful dilemma that many small business owners have to deal with. The dilemma in question: “What should I do if I’m hit with a frivolous lawsuit or want to make a legal claim of my own?”

The reason why that’s a tough dilemma is mainly because of cost. Hiring an attorney can be costly.

For small business owners already hamstrung by a tight budget, paying for a lawyer is a tough ask. That’s especially true since there are no guarantees that the case in question will be won.

Small business owners that end up losing their case may have to close up shop because they simply don’t have the finances to keep things going anymore.

So, should small business owners just avoid getting into legal battles altogether? Well, if cost is the concern, there’s a way for entrepreneurs to continue waging their legal battle without having to jeopardize the health of their business.

The solution to that problem is to work with a contingency attorney.

Contingency attorneys in Houston and in other parts of the country can help out small business owners immensely because they don’t have to be paid up front. If you aren’t awarded money after the resolution of your case, you may not have to pay a contingency lawyer anything aside from smaller court fees and other miscellaneous expenses.

Of course, you still need to find a good contingency attorney to hire and the tips included in this article will help you accomplish that.

A Willingness to Negotiate

The amount you are required to pay to a contingency lawyer should you end up receiving money is “always negotiable.” Be aware the compensation can be based on a sliding scale.

The contingency attorney you’re thinking of hiring should be open to negotiating the final fee. If that’s not the case, you may have to look elsewhere for legal representation.

Appearances Do Matter

We’re not talking about how the contingency attorney’s looks. What you’ll want to do is check out the offices and the websites used by the contingency lawyers you’re considering.

So, why do you need to do that?

A rough-looking office and a poorly-made website are typical indicators of someone going through a rough patch financially. This matters because contingency lawyers strapped for cash may pressure you into accepting a financial settlement even if that’s not the best move available.

They just want to get some money and the success of your case is merely a minor concern for them. Obviously, you need to steer clear of those contingency attorneys.

Peruse the Reviews

Lastly, don’t hesitate to read up on reviews posted about the contingency lawyer you’re looking to hire. Whether you’re looking up contingency attorneys in Houston or lawyers in other places, you should be able to find reliable reviews.

The reviews shouldn’t be the only factors you consider when you’re trying to select an attorney to hire, but they should influence your final decision.

Contingency attorneys can help you work out of a tough spot caused by legal issues. Just make sure that you hire a reputable and reliable contingency lawyer so that you get the representation you need.