How to Leverage Offline Marketing to Boost Your Online Brand


On average, it takes 7 touchpoints for a consumer to take action. And, the competition for clicks has never been tougher. You need all the help you can get if you want to survive in a saturated market.

That may include diving into unknown waters. By using old-fashioned strategies to reach consumers who don’t live and breathe the internet, you can add a whole new dimension to your online brand.


Conferences and trade shows are the places to be if you want to stay on top of industry trends. They offer you a great opportunity to present the people who stand behind the brand.

When your online brand doesn’t seem so abstract, your business seems more approachable. Load a couple of stands into the company van and take your staff on a business trip. Use the opportunity to establish the right connections. A good, old-fashioned handshake can go a long way.


Most brick-and-mortar businesses are not competition. Some of them may share your target audience. Make an effort to find such a partner. You can partner up with a business that will be willing to include your QR-code-branded flyers in their parcels

 In return, you can advertise them on your website. Avoid being spammy even when advertising offline. Make sure each flyer offers something to the consumer, like a promo-code or giveaway.

Real-life Engagements

Giving a speech in front of an audience that wants to hear what you have to say is a great opportunity to promote your brand. Speaking engagements are a proven way of acquiring customers. By establishing your company’s credibility in front of your target audience, you are sure to reinforce your online brand.

Organising workshops in which you offer something of value to the prospect is a sure way to convert them into customers. Again, it’s all about putting a face behind the company. Setting up a pop-up shop allows you to reap longterm benefits by jumping on a temporary retail wagon. All of these methods enable you to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reach a new audience
  • Establish stronger relationships with the consumer
  • Explore opportunities for potential offline growth in the future
  • Generate higher revenue
  • Educate people about your products or services

Tech-Savy Print

AR features and QR codes give you the chance to bring your print ads to life in a unique fashion. Employing QR codes and customised URLs allows you to gauge the engagement. You also have the possibility to create designated landing pages for specific print campaigns.

Naturally, the gained insight will help you improve your business. For instance, you can use AR technology to engage newspaper and magazine readers in a unique and creative way. You are sure to get the buzz going by blending the quaint and the futuristic.

Word of Mouth

The oldest marketing tool in the world. You can have your clients advertise your website for you. By having a referral program, you can rest assure your customers will put in a good word for you. The program will be more successful if you offer perks to both parties – the referrer and the person referred.

Learn what incentives will your clients be most likely to respond to. Is it a discount? A free trial? If they are well-off and aren’t looking to save money, how about a special VIP service? For instance, you can organise a special event for referrers.

Direct Mail

Even though email is the standard now, traditional mail is still in the game. Why? It allows you to establish a more personal bond compared to email. 79% of consumers respond to traditional mail (according to Direct Marketing Association’s research). Just 45% respond to email.

It’s easy to ignore an email. But, a brochure can sit on the consumer’s coffee table for ages. It’s a simple way to secure the 7 touchpoints. The key is to customise and personalise the mail.

Send out birthday cards and holiday cards. If you can afford to, include a coupon or a small gift certificate. You’ll become a brand that speaks to each customer individually.

It’s also a great opportunity to use personalised URLs. You can set up one for each client. Mindfire and Easy Purl are excellent cross-marketing tools that you can use to measure campaign performance and create personalised landing pages. And, you can achieve all that through a small, colourful letter.


Luckily, you don’t have to choose between offline and online worlds. By combining the two, you’ll open a new door to success. Utilise these techniques to elevate your brand to the next level.