H&C EXPO to become first ever carbon free hospitality exhibition

H&C EXPO will become the first carbon free hospitality exhibition after announcing a partnership with Carbon Free Dining (CFD) – a ground-breaking environmental certification initiative.

The partnership, which is the first of its kind, will see CFD plant a fruit tree in the developing world for every exhibitor, contributor and visitor at H&C EXPO, which takes place at Celtic Manor on 16-19th July.

Managed by partners Green Earth Appeal and Lightspeed ePOS, the United Nations Environment backed CFD initiative counterbalances a restaurant’s unavoidable carbon footprint.

CFD is designed to give restaurants a Carbon Free Dining certification that demonstrates their passion for the environment. However, the company has extended this to the EXPO as part of its commitment to the industry.

The rapidly growing programme has already counterbalanced the negative environmental impact of over 600,000 meals, and have the support of celebrity chefs, such as Marco Pierre White, James Martin and Gregory Marchand.

Mr Satinder Bindra, whilst director of Communications for United Nations Environment described the initiative as ‘an outstanding initiative which successfully merges the luxury of eating out with the joy of knowing we are simultaneously giving something back to nourish our planet.’

Marvin Baker, Green Earth Appeals’ Founder & CEO said: “Our relationship with H&C News demonstrates how the hospitality industry is working to find ways to deliver the sustainability that the 2018 diners is seeking. Planting trees to counterbalance the EXPOs Carbon Footprint is a natural extension of this win/win relationship.”

Mark Harris, event director, H&C EXPO added: “We were absolutely delighted when we heard the news. There are so many companies and people taking part and contributing to making our inaugural EXPO a very special occasion.

“To now host a carbon neutral event knowing that fruit trees will be planted for some of the poorest communities in the developing world is just wonderful. We are extremely grateful to partners Carbon Free Dining & Lightspeed ePOS for this generous contribution.”

The event will feature two days of conferences, awards, exhibitions and roundtables on 17th and 18th July.