Getting Your Kitchen Ready for the Summer


If we wanted to be technical about it, summer has already begun and some of the longest summer days have already come and gone. Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons to consider the cup half full. There is cricket on, it’s Wimbledon, things are just getting set for summer vacations and that’s when the fun really begins.

Therefore, here it is and not a moment too soon, the top tips for getting your kitchen ready for summer. Perhaps a little look at granite worktops Surrey to get your ideas flowing.

Ready for Summer: Keep Things Cool in the Kitchen

One good way to begin is with everything that makes your kitchen a cool place in the summer. That’s right! We are speaking of the refrigerator and the many exciting updates available. You will find a greater variety of models for new fridges than ever before available in more styles and designs than you can imagine. If you feel like straying from the conventional white option, you will also find a wide array of colours to choose from as well.

No matter what your style or how you want your kitchen set up, some great fridges match. Moreover, because you have to beat back the heat, consider one of those with a built in ice machine to perfect a variety of summer drinks.

Brighten Up the Kitchen for Summer

What better way to prepare for summer than by brightening up your kitchen to match. This way you can carry the tones and hues of summer all the way through the year. This can be done by opening spaces, letting the sunlight in or addressing the lighting as well as choosing a new kitchen design with elements that add to the spacious feeling that draws attention to the windows and abundant light.

Another way to bring the fresh aromas and charm of the outdoors into your kitchen is with a suitable herb garden featuring basil, thyme, rosemary and all your favourite spices. Not only will this elevate the quality of your kitchen productions but also they add style and brilliance to your kitchen –– and they don’t grow too high.

Refresh Your Kitchen With Light Colours

If remodelling is not on your priority list, there are some other cost effective ways to brighten the kitchen and provide a refreshing look. This could be as simple as choosing a new selection of brightly coloured dinnerware. Coasters and table mats with attractive patterns and bright tones are also an important addition to a summer kitchen.

Achieving that refreshing summer look doesn’t have to be about spending a bundle, just about adding the right touches here and there to express that light and bright look that resonates perfectly with summer vibes.

Redesign Your Kitchen With New Units

While introducing summery flair through bright colours is one of the best ways to celebrate the warm season, there are other options as well. If you feel that introducing a new colour selection might be too much for your situation, you might consider a subtler approach, maybe redesigning your units is a better choice.

This solution involves consider new sizes shapes and designs of kitchen cabinet that allow you the perfect summer look, but in a classic colour that looks great any time of year: White.

Of course, White Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Units are not the only choice available, but they are a good one. Gloss white cabinets help to scatter the light everywhere improving illumination and adding to that spacious look of your kitchen. Choosing the conventional white also afford you a solid foil for adding brighter fresher colours later on.

Get Your Kitchen in Tip-top Shape

Maybe you got around to it maybe you should again. One good way to give your kitchen an entirely new look is with a late spring-cleaning. Nothing expresses the values and beauty of summer like a fresh kitchen cleaned from top to bottom and all crockery properly rotated. This is necessary if you are planning to entertain over the summer months.

If you will be entertaining, consider the advice found in The Great British Summer: Barbecue Ideas for Inside and Out for some superb ideas on getting the most of your kitchen when you have guests during the summer.