If you have ever mark timed while looking for a job or maybe when wanted to change jobs, then you will understand what I mean by saying looking for employment is not a nice experience especially, if you are not clear on how to do it. This in fact is more stressful even in big cities like London. Most companies in the UK today would rather prefer to use recruitment agencies to help them fill in the gaps in their companies. Recruitment to recruitment in London is the new big thing. With most people opting to use these agencies other than using traditional means of recruitment or job searching.

This is a central position for both parties. Most of them are well endowed with the right kind of expertise to find the right kind of people when it comes to vacant positions in their companies. Most people however don’t understand much about these agencies. When it comes to recruitment for recruitment, it simply means that a company hires another company to help them recruit employees for their company. The Most of them end up being conned or misplaced due to luck of the correct information. The London recruitment to recruitment agency is a must stop for people who are serious about finding a job in London. One can also try finding recruitment consultant jobs online. If you want to find these jobs, try scouting for them online. Here come five things you actually don’t know about rec to rec London;

 There are different kinds of recruitments; recruitment and selection, project sourcing and interim recruitment. Each varies highly from the other. For selection, it’s when a company is looking for a permanent employee. While for project sourcing, it’s when a company is looking for temporary workers to work on projects. Finally, interim is based on short term projects.

 Recruitments are free of charge for anyone who is looking to find the kind of job that suits them. The only people who get to pay are the company clients looking for employees.

 Recruitment agencies are in contact with jobs even the jobseekers cannot see. Due to their interaction with clients, they get fast hand information about jobs even before it gets into the advertising sites.

 Due to their amazing networking skills, recruiters often get job seekers into contact with jobs and projects faster than any other form or kind of agency. This is because they are more informed about the market and the employment curve than any other people.

 Recruitment agencies offer their job candidates the benefit of a secure job contract. They enable their client find security while scouting for permanent jobs and project. The agencies are often transparent since they ask for no cash from their candidate. The best thing is that you can actually get to access these services online. Right at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is drop your CV or resume online then BOOM! You are good to go.

To sum it all up, you can actually be a recruiter to recruiters. Isn’t that just fantastic? All you need to do is make sure you have the required papers. Polish your skills on the field you are good at then apply for the recruitment jobs often advertised by these sites online. Some of the sites that offer recruitment consultant in London then is up your game as a jobseeker and you are good to go.