EPoS for millennials that do everything online

EPoS for fine dining restaurants from pointOne

pointOne’s, the award-winning provider of EPoS products, has been named as the latest exhibitor at H&C EXPO.

The company, which provides EPoS products and services that have been designed specifically to meet the everyday challenges of the hospitality industry will be showcasing its restaurant, hotel and wider hospitality and catering sector solutions.

Steven Rolfe, managing director, pointOne, said:

Steven Rolfe, Managing Director, pointOne

“The hospitality sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. Along with growth has come change. Nowhere is this more prolific than in the quick service and casual dining sectors.

“Driven by ‘millennials’ that have high disposable income and who have grown up with the Internet, they expect to be able to obtain everything either online, on-screen on their ‘smart phones’.

Cashless operation via contactless or smart phone payment methods such as Apple Pay and Android Pay are now the preferred method of payment for low value transactions.

To accommodate these changes many operators in this sector are now altering the way they manage their business by introducing new methods of customer service.”