Elevate Your Business With Chatbots



Customers’ expectations have reached new heights- regular working hours no longer suffice when they want to make a purchase, need to place a complaint or need an answer to a query. 

Unless you’re ready to follow, your business will suffer.  A third of your customers will leave you for your competitor after a single negative experience, and in today’s terms, this can be waiting for a minute too long.

Here is how you can elevate your business using chatbots, and better meet your customers’ demands.

Personalized Experience

Due to the implementation of chatbots, your business is now able to better address your customers’ needs and solve their issues, offering them a hyper-personalized user experience.

Chatbots can make perfect solutions for helping your customers navigate complex journeys in a seamless manner. As chatbots monitor the behavior of your customers, they keep track of their interests too, and push only the notifications they will find relevant.

 For example, it can be challenging for your customers to choose what to buy. That’s why brands like H&M and Sephora use chatbots to help their customers shop online. 

H&M chatbot will ask customers to provide them with some basic data, such as age and gender, as well as a desired price-range and type of the product they want to purchase and shortlist their options. During the process, the chatbot will learn more about their style and taste in clothing, thus making their next shopping experience run even more smoothly.

Improve Customer Service

Another way to efficiently use a chatbot to elevate your business is to employ it as your customer service representative on your website and meet the evergrowing expectations of your customers.

First of all, having a chatbot means that your business will be available around the clock and that your customers can get information about your products and services or complete certain tasks, even after your regular business hours. Furthermore, your AI-powered customer service rep will always be polite and forthcoming, no matter the day and the hour, granting your customers just the kind of support they need.

Your customer satisfaction also depends on the speed of response and the speed of problem resolution, no matter what channel they use for their queries. With a chatbot around, you will be able to deliver them both, as chatbots are now able to give an immediate response and successfully resolve 80% of issues.

Cut Down on Operational Costs

By using chatbots, businesses can save up to 30% of their customer supports costs. Hiring personnel to be available 24/7/365 and meet the demands of the customers is too expensive for most companies. 

However, as chatbots are able to automate many routine workflows, at any time of day or night, they can free your employees from all the repetitive and boring tasks and let them focus on more important issues that require critical thinking. According to ServiceBot, due to the rise of chatbots, live chat will erode further as it will be fronted with chatbots as the first point of contact between a business and a customer. Only if the query is too complex for a chatbot to handle, it will be transferred to an agent.

Collect Customer Data 

Your chatbots can be a great source of information about your customers, as they monitor and collect data from each interaction of your prospects and your business.

 Such data is of essential importance on many levels:

  • Your customers expect that your customer service rep knows everything about their previous interactions with your business – their purchases, queries, and complaints. Chatbots can keep track and collect data from such touchpoints, no matter what channels the interactions take place on. Later on, they can use the data to keep the conversation running smoothly, and can make it available to your human agent instantly.
  • You can use data your chatbots collect to optimize your service further and adjust it better to fit your customers’ demands. For example, you may find out that your customers ask your chatbot a recurring question which it doesn’t have an answer for. You can use this information to update the chatbot and include such information.
  • Your chatbots can successfully generate leads from the visitors on your website. They collect information like name, profession, age, gender and contact details. You can leverage this data to create customer profiles, and use them in your sales and marketing campaigns.

Showcase New Products or Services

Many companies leverage chatbots for showcasing their new products and services to their prospects. As their tone of communication is always friendly, and they push forward only the offers that could be relevant to the prospect, customers find them useful rather than intrusive.

In fact, many consumers are looking forward to getting recommendations from the chatbots for their next purchase, especially when it comes to retail, accommodation or travel.

Improve Your Branding

Even when they know that they’re talking to a robot, your consumers want their interactions to feel more human and personal. Use this to your advantage, and let your chatbot also help you with your branding efforts. 

For achieving this goal, your chatbot needs to be injected with your brand personality, so that it can reflect your brand tone, values, and message through its interactions with the customers. This can add to the consistency of your brand image, making your brand more visible and easier to recognize.

If you don’t already have a chatbot employee, it’s high time you made your first hire!