Difference Between Working in your Own Office and in Coworking Space?


The birth of coworking space has generated a revolution in the way work is conceived. Conventional offices seem to be becoming obsolete in the face of the great benefits of working in coworking. However, much remains to be done to finish changing the traditional paradigms. Not all coworking spaces offer the same advantages, and not all offices are synonymous with boredom or work stagnation.

In fact, working in an office or having your own office can be many positive aspects. But then, what is better? Why choose a coworking space instead of an office? These are questions that every entrepreneur should ask and analyze very well before choosing. To help you in this process, Holland company registration has developed a series of comparative items between the coworking space and your own office, so that you can make the best decision for your professional projects.

Coworking Space vs Own Office

This is a dilemma posed by many companies and professionals before developing their activity. It is a question that does not have a unique answer but will depend on many variables.

What are your Professional Perspectives?

The first thing we should consider is the professional perspectives we have and how the place we choose will contribute to its development. It doesn’t matter if you are an independent worker or you are part of a collective project, the cheap virtual office Amsterdam space will help you create a discipline to focus on your activity.

You must create a routine, get up at a certain time, prepare to go out, take a tour. This helps you organize and mentalize yourself in your work so that you are more efficient and productive in the time you spend in the coworking space.It is proven that dressing well to go to perform a work activity promotes the balance between personal life and work; In addition to offering you the necessary incentives to develop the work in a more balanced way.

Of course, working in your own office also requires a high level of discipline, as you must leave your home early to open the workplace. In this aspect, both options are very similar. Having a home office can sometimes be uncomfortable. This makes it very difficult to mentalize yourself to start working and greatly complicates the creation of self-discipline. It is here when laziness, noise, and other distractions make their own.

The Location is Strategic

Thinking about the location of your workplace is essential. Most coworking spaces are located in strategic places that allow you to meet with potential partners or clients. They are usually in the center of the cities.

Home offices can be a complication if you do not live in a central location that allows you to meet with your customers or close a business. If you live in hard to reach places or very complicated or distant addresses, you may have problems in this regard.

Flexible Schedule

Every coworking space must offer workers a broad and flexible schedule that suits their complicated agendas, considering that many independent workers develop novel ideas in their spare time. These centers provide facilities to work at night, on weekends or at any time that is required. This level of flexibility is very advantageous.

Meanwhile, in the office, you must follow a schedule if you are away from home. Many times, even if space is at your disposal, you must join the opening and closing times of the building or business center. However, if you have a home office, you will not have a defined schedule. You will have everything available whenever you want; however, it will cost you a lot to separate personal life from work.

Adaptability to the Growth of your Business

The coworking space can be used as your project and income grow. In the beginning, you can use the place only when you have important meetings with clients or when you present a project.

Growing up and getting more income, you can extend the use of coworking space as you wish. This modality can help with your finances, considering that the organizers offer different plans according to each need. You can use the coworking space for months, days or even hours.

When your business grows, you won’t have to move, but simply rearrange yourself without the need to move to another place. This will make your life easier and will save you many costs, time and energy that you can invest in your own business.

In the case of conventional offices, as your business grows, it is possible that the place will be small and you find it more uncomfortable and impractical, the need to move to a larger office. This entails the change of fiscal address and other series of requirements that require an investment in stationery, agency and other aspects.