Cost Of Repairs And Maintenance Is Rising And How Veritas Global Protection Is Helping



It is estimated that an average household in the US spent about $2,300 on repairs and maintenance of cars alone. With the general rise in the cost of living, meeting this kind of expense has proven a difficult challenge for many businesses, individuals, and corporates. Whereas Generation Z is considered to be less burdened due to the fact that they do not have families yet, findings from numerous surveys indicate they are the most hit when it comes to luck and the financial muscle to foot these repair costs. This has largely been the case because these youths are choking with student loans much as they are also rushing to meet other obligations. 

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, individuals and families have been on the receiving end when it comes to being unable to finance key or essential needs. This has meant that people who do not have auto protection plans or whose warranty plans expired have had to park their cars or been forced to get into debts in order to repair or maintain their vehicles.

This problem has been escalated further by the reluctance of many auto protection companies to provide comprehensive plans at affordable rates so as to cushion the already suffering population in the US. The US traffic record is worsening by the day and accident cases are doubling the past records. Also, serious injuries and deaths due to collisions are on the rise, and these are making many insurance companies to either hike their premiums or not offer coverage altogether. Whichever the case, it is now more difficult than before to purchase an auto protection plan that is not only pocket-friendly but which is able to provide you the kind of protection that leaves you with peace of mind. 

Always Buy an Auto Protection from Veritas Global Protection

As already mentioned, it is not easy to foot the repair bills owing to the growing economic challenges occasioned by the deadly COVID-19 disease. But before the virus struck, Americans were literally struggling to live within their means because of the biting financial crisis.  Fortunately, there is a listening and caring partner called Veritas Global Protection that has come to the rescue of many Americans. According to Veritas’ marketing executive, many people are now beginning to find refuge in our plans because they are not only affordable but also address the underlying concerns that many Americans have been raising for the past few years. 

As the country wakes up to a slow resumption of the economy following a partial reopening, families are yet to begin realizing any meaningful gains. But these families need to have their cars on the roads so they can put their things together for a better tomorrow. How are they going to drive when they cannot afford a modest protection plan? 

Veritas Global Protection seeks to answer this crucial question through its flexible, affordable, and non-restrictive plan features. For example, their comprehensive premium plan has additional features such as roadside assistance, emergency towing, reimbursement for rented cars, and failed trips, all designed to help you enjoy the money you spent on the plan.

According to some of the online reviews, customers who signed up for the services from Veritas Global left positive remarks an indication they were highly satisfied with the manner they were served.  Our committed staff at Veritas will serve you diligently and explain all the options before assisting you to sign up for our warranty plans of your choice. If you have a vehicle or are looking to own one and do not know how to go about managing the ever-increasing cost of maintenance and repairs, contact some of the industry’s most experienced staff at Veritas Global Protection to get started.