Cleaning Tips for Beautifying Your Home


As the warmer weather hits, it often brings the desire to have people around. You might want to fire up your barbecue and spend time around the house with friends and family. Before you do this, you should consider spending some time cleaning and decluttering the house. This will get everything sparkling so you can enjoy your time entertaining and relaxing. You will also never have to worry about frantically cleaning before your guests arrive or not being able to find something that you need. You may prefer to use commercial cleaning services, but if you wish to do it yourself the following tips may be helpful.

The Fridge and Freezer

Most people very rarely clean their fridge and freezer properly. They will rinse them out every now and then when they need to throw away old food or feel the drawers need to be freshened up. While this is something that most people are guilty of, it is a serious problem which can cause sickness.

You need to take the time to give your fridge and freezer a deep clean. You need to remove all of the shelving and wash it separately. Once the shelves are sparkling clean, you need to wipe them regularly and deep clean them every few months.

Under the Beds

The idea of something being out of sight and out of mind is the reason why under the bed can become a problem. There are things that get pushed under the bed by accident and others that are placed there for storage purposes. The problem is that you lose track of what has been pushed under the bed and the pile will just get bigger.

This pile will create a breeding ground for germs and dust which is a serious issue for anyone with respiratory problems like asthma. Instead of hiding things under the bed, you need to take the time to sort everything out and get rid of the rubbish. If there are things that you do not want to part with, you should consider getting storage space so it can get out from under the bed. This will ensure that you know where everything is and the space under the bed can remain empty.

The Bins

Most people have no idea when the last time they scrubbed their bins was or if they have ever done this. This is a job that people want to avoid, but you need to do it because clean bins will not have mould. Using a bin bag will protect things, but there are times when leaks occur.

These leaks will leave your home smelling bad regardless of the air fresheners you use. The smell also attracts flies and other pests who will spread germs across the house. To avoid this, you need to empty your bins and soak them with hot water and washing-up liquid. Once the water has cooled, you can give the bins a good scrub. To finish cleaning them, you can use some multi-purpose scented spray.

The Cupboards

The outside of the cupboards is what most people remember to clean, but they forget about the inside. Over time, the inside of your cupboards can become quite grimy. The cupboards that hold your food and crockery will be sorted fairly regularly; the others will become cluttered. The cupboard under your sink is a prime example as it stores all your cleaning products but is generally the most disorganised area of your home.

Now that everything is organised and clean, you need to look at some storage solutions. You are generally going to have a lot of items that you have not used in a while, but do not want to get rid of. These items need to be stored somewhere and one of the best solutions is to get a storage unit which can hold everything. There are many self-storage solutions that you can consider which free up space in your home and keep everything in one place.