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Can I live in a storage unit?


With a range of spacious storage units and a secure location, it’s no wonder storage companies receive this question a lot! Whilst living in a storage unit may seem like an innovative solution, it isn’t one that’s possible. Unfortunately, storage units can’t be used as dwellings, so there’s no way you can live in one or stay in one.

However, there are a range of other ways storage units can help you. If you need to keep your possessions in a secure environment, for example, you can rent a self storage unit for as long as you need to.

Often used by people when they’re between homes, storage units are the ideal option for keeping your items safe when you’re moving from one location to another. As the housing market can be notoriously unreliable, it’s not unusual for people to find themselves in need of reliable storage facilities.

If you’re moving into new accommodation but you’ve been let down by a potential landlord or seller, for example, your plans could be in disarray. If staying in your existing home isn’t an option, you could be left with all of your possessions in the back of a van and nowhere to go.

Fortunately, storage facilities can be a much-needed solution. Whilst you won’t be able to consider living in a storage unit, you can certainly use your unit to store your possessions. This gives you peace of mind while you resolve your housing situation and ensures that your items are kept safe and secure until you’re ready to collect them.

How long can I use storage units for? 

Generally, storage facilities offer flexible terms, so you can rent a storage unit for as long as you need. Whilst rentals start from just one month, there’s no upper limit in terms of how long you can rent a unit for.

Some people know exactly how long they’ll need to use a unit for, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re unsure how long you might need to keep your items in storage, you can simply leave your items in situ and keep extended your contract.

As most storage companies only require a minimal amount of notice, you won’t miss out by hanging on to your storage unit. When you use self storage in Crawley, for example, you’ll only need to give 14-days notice to end your contract, so you can keep your options open until you’re sure you won’t need your storage unit any longer.

Booking a storage unit

If you know you’re going to need a storage unit from a specific date, it’s always best to book in advance. This ensures you’ll have a unit reserved for you and gives you a wider range of options when it comes to the sizes of units available. In addition to this, arranging your rental in advance means you won’t need to complete any paperwork when you arrive with your items.

Of course, if you need to rent storage units due to unexpected circumstances, you can trust your storage company to do their best to accommodate you. With a wide range of units or storage options available, self storage is always a great option for keeping your items safe.