Best Ways To Pick A Biotech Company and Cell Culture Applications


Chemical reagents are required for infinite tests in cellular research and molecular biology. They’re needed at hospitals, laboratories, as well as research institutions. The quality of these reagents matter the most because all the results depend upon them. Which is why, you should be selective about the reagents as well as the biotech company you purchase them at. One such profound name in the class of leading manufacturers and suppliers is IVM Biotech.

The guide below will take you through the reasons that make IVM Biotech a pioneer, and will also make a mention of 3 cell culture applications that they manufacture and supply.

What makes IVM a Leading Supplier of Biotech Reagents?

This company is a benchmark for quality because of the following reasons.

  • They do not use harmful toxins. All their reagents come from sources that are eco-friendly.
  • They offer high-quality products at cheap rates than many other companies in the market.
  • They are equipped with the latest technology to produce the best products.
  • They have a very stringent quality-control procedure.
  • It is very easy to contact them – you can mail them, leave a message, or call them.

What Are The Best PCR and Western Blot Applications at IVM Biotech?

They produce and supply a list of abundant dyes, PCR applications, and Extraction Kits. The following few are some selective products you can consider buying.

1 . Eco-friendly Staining Dyes

These dyes are a proxy for Ethidium Bromide that’s usually used in staining dyes of all kinds. Besides, they can be easily loaded on agarose, gels, and formaldehyde.


  1. Safe Fluorescent Gel Staining Dye
  2. Safe Fluorescent DNA Loading Dye
  3. Safe Fluorescent RNA Loading Dye


  • It is made of non-toxic reagents.
  • It can detect DNA and RNA in trace amounts of 60 ng under blue light.
  • It can detect DNA and RNA in trace amounts of 1-2 ng under UV light.
  • It doesn’t lead to any sort of cellular mutation.
  • It is loaded with tracking dyes so that DNA and RNA migration can be traced during the process of electrophoresis.
  1. Cell Culture Applications

The 2 best cell culture applications at this company include the following.

  • Mycoplasma PCR detection Kit
  • Cell Transfection Kit
  1. Primary Antibody Affinity-Enhancing Buffer

This is a western blot application that targets less reactive antibodies with specific antigens in order to increase the clarity and strength of the membranes in the target assay.


  • It slows down the reaction and mingling of the assay with bindings that aren’t targeted like, PVDF membrane and NC membrane.
  • It is used to bind with assays containing fresh cell membranes.