Benefits of Serviced Apartments Compared to Hotels


Travellers have to look for quality accommodation and that’s when serviced apartments come up. Whether it’s a business trip or not, there’s nothing better than going with serviced apartments –  in comparison to other options such as hotels. Serviced apartments are the buzz phrase in travelling – and with good reason. For business and leisure travellers alike, they are the answer to many problems of traditional accommodation options. In London, this couldn’t be truer. It also applies nationally: take these serviced apartments in Bracknell, for example.


The first reason for choosing a serviced apartment is simple: cost. People don’t want to spend more than they have to while travelling. When that is the case, it makes sense to go with something that’s as affordable as possible. When this is the case, it becomes important to compare prices and see which one works out  cheaper while still offering high-quality living.


There’s a certain elegance to spending time in a quality apartment because of how cosy it is. There’s a homely feel to these apartments and that’s important as you look to spend time in a new city. It’s not easy to adjust and that is why travellers like the idea of living in a place that has a proper TV and has a setup that’s easy to understand. This is a must for those who want to live in a comfortable environment for as long as possible. A serviced apartment does this and more for the average traveller.

Local Concierge

Hotels tend to have limited concierge options and they tend to work in a way that’s not in line with expectations. This is why London Serviced Apartments stands out with a 24-hour concierge. This is one of the reasons to rely on what the serviced apartment has to offer. All of the cleaning arrangements are taken care of, making sure the trip is as easy-going as it needs to be.

Quality Food

Regardless of where a person is travelling, they are going to want to eat quality food. If that is the case, it is all about taking the time to enjoy everything a city has to offer. This isn’t always possible with a hotel because it has a restricted menu. They are going to ensure people stick to those meals even if they don’t want to. Serviced apartments have a complete kitchen ensuring people are able to put together whatever they want without having to ask anyone. The same applies to those who want a private chef for their meals.


Hotels tend to be the same everywhere and that’s not as exciting. A serviced apartment is going to have a local touch to it that’s impossible to find anywhere else. This is all about experiencing the city’s architecture and taking it in in this manner. It’s almost a personalised service that is unique and fun.


There’s quite a bit of space in apartments that can’t be found through hotel rooms. Those rooms aren’t going to have a lot of space to work with and most look to squeeze people out of their hard-earned money. Along with having more space, serviced apartments are also able to offer more usable space that has value.

Private Setting

Hotel rooms are never as private as a person wants them to be. This can be disconcerting and is not a good situation to be in while in a new city. For those who want a private space, a serviced apartment gets the job done. It allows people to enjoy time in the apartment without having to worry about others.


Hotels rarely have high-quality housekeeping and do the bare minimum. This becomes difficult to manage especially when there’s a schedule to adhere to. As a result, most people like the customised housekeeping services associated with serviced apartments. This makes it easier to enjoy when it comes to cleanliness.


Serviced apartments  aim to be safe and private from start to finish. This means they are secured in multiple ways whether this is a comprehensive security entrance, CCTV cameras, security staff, or additional gates near the entrance.