Basic Tips to Attract Customers



A key to attracting customers is knowing who you are going to sell to. This will be the focus of your attraction and capture strategies.

Do you have a well-defined audience and persona? Are you looking to generate visits based on this audience? What motivates your customers to buy your product?

Do they simply wake up wanting to buy the product or do they have any need, which will be solved with the purchase of this product?

These are just a few questions for which you, as your business owner, should have the answers on the tip of your tongue, even if you’ve integrated Kartra Affiliates.

If not, start working on it right now. Define your target audience and craft a persona for your business.

Try selling solutions for a need rather than a simple product. I know this sounds difficult at first. And it is. It takes a lot of exercises to train your brain to think this way. But when you do, you have a new world ahead.

Your Store Needs To Build Customer Trust

What would an unknown store need to have for you to buy from it? If you answer this question truthfully, you can make your customer begin to trust you and your online store.

This is very important because if your online store has good products, good prices, good daily visitors and attracts the right audience, they are probably not buying because they still don’t trust the brand.

If that’s the reason, I offer you an exercise: What do you do to give your customer confidence?

Why is that guy facing the computer in the country going to trust you and buy? You need to know how to answer this question.

Besides, some elements need to be very well inserted in your store, precisely to generate trust in customers:

A good page “about the company”, with details, photos, purpose, something that conveys seriousness.

Site Security Certificate (SSL / HTTPS)

Security Seals spread across the site, especially on the Shopping Cart page and Checkout. Presence in Social Networks. Your customer has to realize that you are present everywhere.

Presale Customer Service: Do not skimp on this. Email, Whatsapp, Kartra helpdesks, online chat and anything else relevant to your persona. Remember that not only have the channel, but you also need to be present to answer and fast.

Clear Delivery, Exchanges and Returns Policies: Believe me, a lot of people buy thinking there might be a problem. What if there is? How will it be solved? Set your policies transparently. Think of points like warranty and deadlines. In case of an exchange who pays the freight? In case of a return, who pays the freight? All of this needs to be clear to the customer.