Armourcoat and Social Media leads the roundtable roster at H&C EXPO

17th July 2018, 10.00 – 11.00

Social Media was the subject discussed at the first roundtable event held by H&C News in July 2014 at citizenM, London Bankside. So, we are pleased to announce that social media is now also the subject to be discussed at the first roundtable announced taking place at H&C EXPO.

We are also delighted to announce that Armourcoat, sponsors of the first and all subsequent H&C News Social Media Roundtable events, are also the sponsors of the first H&C EXPO Social Media Roundtable event.

H&C News Social Media Roundtable events were first held in London and then due to their popularity also in Manchester, at Hotel Football. Armourcoat were the sponsor partners of all and are now our sponsor partners again at H&C EXPO taking place in July 2018 at the Celtic Manor.

Daniel Nevitt, Chief Marketing Officer, Armourcoat

Daniel Nevitt, Chief Marketing Officer, Armourcoat told us:

“Over three years of working with the H&C News team in London and Manchester on the development of the social media roundtable events we have seen them grow and develop.

The roundtables have facilitated sitting down at and talking with people who understand social media including Twitter UK, which was extremely informative.

Many of the delegates share first-hand experience of the strategies and tactics that have worked for them, that now work for us. The events are always well attended, enjoyable and from a marketing perspective, effective.”


Denis Sheehan, Publisher, H&C News

Denis Sheehan, Publisher, H&C News added:

“We are delighted that Armourcoat have partnered with us as the sponsor for the first H&C EXPO roundtable being announced, and that social media is at the forefront of the roundtable agenda for 2018.

Armourcoat have actively worked with us for many years in developing our roundtable proposition. Partner is an easy word to use in marketing, but it has been earned through results by Armourcoat and Daniel.”

Social media is the first of many roundtable events that will take place at the H&C EXPO event in 2018 being held at the Celtic Manor in July 2018.