Amazon FBA: Should you Work with a Freight Forwarder?


If you have decided to become an e-commerce seller on Amazon, congratulations! In 2018, researchers discovered that more than 40% of all sales were carried out through Amazon, which is expected to grow bigger this year. Because of the prominent dominance of Amazon over the online shopping industry, your business can aggressively expand through  This website already provides great programs for sellers including their fulfillment services called the Amazon FBA. Keep reading to know more about these services and why it’s important to work with a freight forwarder

How Amazon FBA Works

In this fulfillment service, Amazon will store your product in its distribution centre and ship it out on your behalf. If you use this service, you also get access to the Amazon Prime Program that provides your customers with free two-day shipping.

Although Amazon ships your product to your customers, you need to get to a fulfillment centre first. You can let a parcel company do this for you; however, this usually works only for the short term. Over time, as you begin selling a big number of products, the services of shipping companies can become quite expensive that they no longer make sense if you want your business to grow. Fortunately, Amazon fba freight forwarding by Clearit USA can help your business grow by handling your logistics needs. Aside from helping you save money, freight forwards will protect and secure your goods.

Choosing an Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

Before picking any freight forwarder, you must keep some things in mind such as:

  • Ensure the company has experience with Amazon FBA. You will want to pick a freight forwarder that has lots of experience dealing with Amazon FBA since Amazon tends to have very specific requirements in terms of what they will store in their centres. Every product must be properly packaged and labelled and an experienced freight forward can meet these requirements with ease and precision.
  • Pick a company that can constantly keep in touch with you. Remember that Amazon is always on the move and you must have your products delivered to their centres on time. It is imperative to partner with a freight provider that communicates with you at all times and priorities your needs. Pick a freight provider with a huge network of partners across the globe to ensure they can access many shipping lanes. Picking the right company is important to the growth of your e-commerce business.