Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Banner Ads


Today, advertisers have to track the trends about mobile advertising and develop their marketing strategies key to these trends. Businesses and advertisers are using especially mobile banner ads to increase their conversion rate. Today, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mobile banner ads.

Mobile Banner Ad Advantages

  • A Huge Reach

Because mobile banner ad formats are supported by a large number of publishers, they are very good opportunity for advertisers to reach wide audience with a single tool. Additionaly, most mobile optimized pages run a single ad per page. Thanks to it, users mostly see only one special banner ad on a particular page and so mobile ads advertisers can get to reach a wider audience.

  • Affordable For Small Budgets

Sometimes advertisers have relatively low budget to publish their ads. Especially if you are a small/ medium business, some ad platforms and models ( like Facebook, Twitter, IG, search engine ads, native ads, etc.) can be overcosting.  For these cases, banner ads may be available in terms of cost. In addition to this, all ads are not available to get in low quantities. Advertisers have to but these kind of ad models in bulk. Again it can be costly. Banner ads give you an opportunity to buy in low quantities, at low cost.

  • Targeting Options

With mobile banner ads, advertisers can use different ad functions like retargeting, audience segmented targeting (based on demographics), geo-targeting, and also publisher specific targeting. By courtesy of it, you can publish your advertising on a single page, but showing it to difference target audiences.

Mobile Banner Ads Disadvantages

  • Accidental Clicks

Unfortunately, users don’t click on an advertising with the intention of examine target or url of ad in every time. Of course this is natural because of small screens and touch screens. Studies show that 40-50% of mobile ad clicks are accidental. What a huge percentage!

This doesn’t mean that mobile ads are useless. However this situation makes difficult to measure some important metrics about ad like CTR (Clickthrough Rate), and also you may loss your money by reason of these random clicks. Advertisers can struggle with this problem by changing their charge option. They can preffer other options like CPI (Cost per Impression) or CPA (Cost per Action) substituted for CTR.

  • Space Limitations

As we mentioned above, smartphone’s screen is a “little” problem for advertisers. An average SP screen is almost 10 times smaller than a laptop screen. Mobile banner ads are typically placed at the top or bottom of the page and they are very small generally. When advertisers text their main messages, put their logos or a button on banner ad’s area; they have difficulties. Thus, advertisers have to be very creative and effective in their banner’s message and design.

As you can see, mobile banner ads have some pros and cons like another mobile ads formats. However, if advertisers use this format properly, they can get success easily. You can check this site to get deeply know-how about mobile advertising as well.