A Big Trend in Vintage Furniture:Dental Cabinets


It might shock you to learn that dental cabinets are becoming sought-after items among vintage-furniture hunters. Many are searching for the cabinets, and designers are building new furniture based on the original designs.

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What Are Dental Cabinets?

In the 19th and 20th centuries dental cabinets were used to store tools. Back then the tools weren’t powered, so they needed to be within easy reach. The organisation was the main factor in designing the cabinets. Dental work is painful, and dentists needed to reach tools quickly. The cabinets were designed to make the tools easy to find. They mostly comprised swing-out surfaces, drawers and trays. The swing-out trays had many sections, which was ideal for storing tools, and some are removable. This meant that dentists could remove a tray to carry it to where they were working.

An interesting fact is that dental care was so expensive during this period that patients knew how to reduce costs. They had all their teeth pulled out so they wouldn’t have to worry. As you can imagine, that type of work required a lot of tools, and the cabinets enabled dentists to do the work as quickly as possible.  The only thing that can really match this these days is Boltless Shelving which can be found at options like www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving.  This kind of shelving is great for adaptability and shelf space.

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Why Are Vintage Pieces so Popular?

There are many reasons people choose to go vintage. One of the most obvious is that vintage items can be worth a lot. Many people choose to buy dental cabinets and restore them to sell them to a collector.

It can be fun searching for these antiques, and you’ll often find some unique items for your home. Vintage Furniture can be found at many places. You can also turn vintage dental cabinets into quirky contemporary pieces.

Dental Cabinets Are Here to Stay

Not only are vintage dental cabinets practical, but they’re also so unique that it’s hard to resist looking at them. They make a great addition to homes and can be displayed as an antique or restored to be a quirky cabinet for modern tastes.

Vintage trends change over time, depending on collectors’ demands. Many are seeking vintage dental cabinets, and it’s the best time to invest in one. With all the benefits they offer and their undeniable aesthetic appeal, it’s clear the unique antiques are here to stay.