8 Good Answers about Mobile App Business for Beginners


So you’ve built an app?

But how do you keep track of success? Does anybody know about your application? Have you got a good plan for monetization?

Today, with this material, we are excited to help you answer these questions.

Sounds good, huh?


But how are you tracking success? Does anyone know about your app? Do you have a good monetization plan?

Today we’re excited to help you answer these questions with this content.

Sounds great huh?


In this blogpost, You learn everythint that important before your app launch.

So here we go!

First question:

1. What is mobile app analytics?

Mobile analytics involves calculating and analysing data generated by so many mobile platforms and properties, such as mobile sites and mobile applications.

  1. How many downloads does an app have?

    App download statistics cover only first-time downloads made through the two biggest channels: the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Total app downloads in 2018 came to 105.3 billion according to this set of mobile app data. And it depends on business and their providing customer experience.

    3. What is App Analytics?

    App Analytics counts users who visit your app’s product page from a link within another app. Optimize your marketing campaigns by focusing on the apps that drive the most App Store impressions, downloads, and billings. It’s the important thing that you build up your strategy.

  1. What percentage of apps are successful?

    It’s a tough time to be a mobile app developer. According to Gartner, less than 0.01 percent of all consumer mobile apps will become financially successful throughout 2018—yet apps continue to be a common development goal and product focus for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. However it can be change according to app’ business model also.

  2. Why do most apps fail?

    Why mobile applications fail often owe to being unoriginal, lacking important features, have no obvious target audience or suffer from mobile app development failures or have usability issues. Yet, the most common reason behind why mobile apps fail financially is that their owners can’t properly monetize the apps.

  1. How many new apps are released every day?

Number of daily Google Play app releases worldwide 2016-2018

This statistic shows the average number of new Android app releases per day from the third quarter 2016 to the first quarter 2018. During the last measured period, an average of 6,140 mobile apps were released through the Google Play Store every day.

7. Who has more apps Android or Apple?

Apple has a commanding lead over all other smart phone platforms with 230,000 and counting in the App Store. But Google’s Android platform now claims 70,000. There may be a big difference between the two, but it’s not felt in all categories. In 10 of the most important app categories, iPhone and Android duke it out.

8. How can I track my mobile app analytics?

Whether you are a digital marketer, game app developer or someone who just wants a better business performance; these mobile analytics tools are just right for you to get all the information about the results of your app. There is a 20 mobile app analytics tools to satisfy  your curiosity now.