5 Top Rated Video Security Systems

Surveillance systems have redefined security around homes and businesses. The wide range of options in the market has enabled their deployment both indoors and outdoors. Continuous innovation has enhanced the levels of security monitoring, which have helped prevent burglaries and break-ins by the most experienced burglars.

5 top home video security systems

5 of the top-rated video security systems for your home include:

1.  I-View Now

This is a video verification system that allows Seacoast Security’s team and yourself to view live videos of what’s happening once an alarm is triggered at your premises. You can view this feed from a personal computer, desktop, or mobile phone.

2.  Arlo Pro

This is an extremely versatile security camera as it has no power cords. It works perfectly both on the indoors and outdoors. It delivers clear images under artificial light, in the dark, and well-lit areas.

3.   Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

This is also a completely cord-free camera which is battery-powered. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It is motion-sensitive, and it stores the videos it records in the cloud. It supports Alexa voice commands.

4.    Reolink Argus 2

This is an extremely flexible camera as it could use solar power or a rechargeable battery. It is quite easy to install and has a weatherproof design. Its image quality is also outstanding, even in low light conditions.

5.    TP-Link Kasa Cam Outdoor KC200

This is an outdoor video surveillance system that provides you with crisp videos even during the night. It offers free and paid cloud storage and supports multiple voice command platforms. This video security system supports both motion and voice.

When installing a home security system, remember that it will only be as good as your internet connection. Therefore, check your Wi-Fi speed before drilling holes into your walls. A poor connection will lead to high rates of pixelation on live feeds and lag times.

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